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Allowed password characters Checkpoint Mobile E84


Environment is Windows 10 on client, R80.20 firewall, client VPN via Checkpoint Mobile with RADIUS-based user/password access.

We´re migrating from an older Checkpoint Mobile client to E84.00 and discovered that passwords with German umlaut don´t work anymore (error message "MS ERROR_AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE." in the firewall logs).

Is this expected behavior?

What can we tell the users about allowed characters?

sk171418 provides an allowed-character-list but it´s only for the products "Endpoint Security Client, SandBlast Agent". (I´d assume the Endpoint and the Mobile client are similar in certain behavior  so it might fit?)


According to at least two other posts, umlauts are not supported for Capsule or this question has not been answered:

Solved: Remote Access MFA Password Restrictions - Check Point CheckMates

special german characters in login name (capsule w... - Check Point CheckMates


I also found several kb-entries but nothing covers "Checkpoint Mobile":

sk109148 List of allowed ASCII characters for passwords on Gaia OS

sk171724 Special Characters limitations using RADIUS Authentication via LOM

sk171418 Unsupported characters use in Endpoint Security Client uninstall password prevents January 1st, 2021 patch from being installed


Thanks in advance for any help or input!

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You did find all there is, especially sk109148 is very good - and of course this is valid for Checkpoint Mobile, too! Umlauts and other diacritic characters have been a PITA for long time...