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Can the IP to country database be edited to include internal IP's?  

My company has a very well defined list of internal IP's, and it would be nice to be able to see them assigned to a country.

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Re: IpToCountry.csv


Two years ago, I studied if it was possible to re-assign IPs and even to add some. It was in R77.30.

The TAC answered that it was not possible.



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Re: IpToCountry.csv

Hi Robert.

You can use my script under R77.30 and R80.10 to use GEO objects as dynamic objects in firewall rules. More see here: GEO Location Objects in Firewall Policy (with Dynamic Objects).

Under R80.20 and R80.20.M1 you can use GEO objects in the firewall rules.

I think then you don't have to customize the IpToContry.cvs.