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Under the Hood: Automate Azure Virtual WAN security deployments with Terraform

Published on ‎2024-04-11 05:56 AM by Admin

Join us for an exciting Under the Hood session on Automating Azure Virtual WAN security deployments with Terraform.

Learn how to Automate the deployment and configuration of CloudGuard Network Security gateways for Azure Virtual WAN for improved operational efficiency and control.

Terraform is a popular tool for infrastructure as code that allows you to manage your cloud resources in a declarative way. With Terraform, you can use our predefined templates to deploy CloudGuard NVAs (Network Virtual Appliances) into an existing Virtual WAN hub or a new Virtual WAN deployment. You can also customize the configuration parameters according to your needs. In this webinar together with CheckMates, we will be going Under the Hood, providing step-by-step guidance so you can make Terraform do all of the hard work of deploying and configuring CloudGuard in order to bring industry-leading cloud network security to your Azure Virtual WAN deployments.


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Thu, May 9, 2024 08:00 AM PDT
Thu, May 9, 2024 09:00 AM PDT
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