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how to update outdated capability - Harmony endpoint

Dear all,

Recently, i face a problem whereby my client's endpoints have some capabilities which are no updated. (you may see the "outdated capabilites.png").


I did click into each and see the status, i found out  those endpoints have updated their capabilities until 13 December 2022 (around 10 days ago).


For the anti-malware update, we can update it via push operation > update malware signature. However, I have no idea to update for the rest of the capabilities.


Hence, appreciate if you guys have any clues to update other capabilities in the screenshot given.


Thank you. 

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Employee Employee

Which client versions are involved and what does the checkconnectivity.exe utility report for one of the impacted machines?

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Hi Chris,


Those endpoints that involve this problem are in the client version of 86.80.0109. For the checkconnectivity.exe checking, I haven't do on one of those endpoint yet. Is that have another way to run the checkconnectivity.exe other than go to the front of the endpoint and execute it? thank you.

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