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URL Filtering in EPS - more details needed


I hope that someone can help us out with a bit mor insight in the URLF features of Endpoint Security. We installed the policy as mentioned in sk112932, and it is indeed blocking the forbidden sites. However, it seems to fail on certain sites, i.e * is allowed and also passed without a problem when within the network, but on the client it's blocked whereas * is passed as required. Other sites, mainly ssl ones are also blocked on the endpoint despite being allowed in the policy. Could anyone shed some light on how hte URLF works on the client and on which point in the stack it's blocking? I would've expected to be on application layer and so seeing the actual URL, but it seems it's blocking further down the stack and not being able to see it properly but only the certificate.

We're allowing split tunneling so the client isn't going through the gateway when connected to the VPN, just in case that's important.



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Are you allowing access to the application Google or are you allowing access to the URL Filtering category Search Engines?

My expectation is that it operates on a similar level to URL Filtering on the gateway and has similar limitations (i.e. not seeing HTTPS sites because it's not doing man-in-the-middle, thus can only see certificate).


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