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Question - Remote Access VPN Auto upgrade

Hi Guys!


Recently I tried to setup a gateway to automatically install the client upgrades, as checked the first two steps are to download the automatic upgrade file and rename the files :

To set up a gateway to automatically install client upgrades:
1. Download Endpoint Security VPN for Mac E82.00 Signature for Automatic Upgrade.
2. Rename the Endpoint_Security_VPN.pkg,
Endpoint_Security_VPN.pkg.signature and ver.ini files to TRAC.pkg,
TRAC.pkg.signature and trac_ver_osx.txt respectively.


However I couldn't find the ver.ini file for the VPN client for the MacOS, may I know where can I get this file to get the build number of the vpn client for MacOs?


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You can create trac_ver_osx.txt with just the build number similar to trac_ver.txt.
If you've installed the client, you can get the build number from an existing install.
Otherwise, you will need to uncompress the pkg file (using something like xar -xf).
In there you will find a file called Distribution that lists the build number in it.

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