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Best way to create an exclusion if Harmony Endpoint is blocking a legitimate application.


The harmony agent seems to be blocking remote IT support access for a Logmein app. My question is in the Exclusions Center should you exclude the app via a Monitoring exclusion in the Analysis & Response section? or should the exclusion be placed in the threat emulation, extraction and Zero Phishing Exclusion part of the Exclusions Center? From the admin guide it is not very clear which one is optimal and the  security effect of doing one or the other or both?. We want to recommend whichever option maintains as much security as possible whilst also allowing the application to run. Many thanks.




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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Hi Andy,

My recommendation is to open a ticket with TAC. My assumption is you are not getting a detection event and therefore there is a chance that something is conflicting with the LogMeIn App. TAC are well equipped to handle this and they can then determine which exclusions if any should be applied and also involve the necessary R&D teams if required.


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