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Endpoint E80.89 on MacOS 10.15.2 - No Endpoint icon on top menu

We had a Mac returned to us running 10.12.6 and E80.64.  We decrypted and uninstalled Endpoint, upgraded MacOS to 10.15.2, then installed E80.89.Everything seems to be working except the padlock icon is not appearing in the top menu.  I can search for "Endpoint Security" and manually run it, then it does appear, but after a reboot it doesn't automatically load.I've built a few machines with both this version of Endpoint and OS before and not seen this, although I think this might be the first which had a previous version before.Perhaps something got left behind of the old version?  What would be the simplest way to ensure the icon gets loaded corretly for all users, without having to add the application as a startup item for each and every user, which would be tedious.The other thing I just noticed is that on a Mac that shipped with 10.15.1 installed, the icon does load and its menu has a "Connect" option.On the upgraded Mac, I can run Endpoint, with no "Connect" option, and cannot configure VPN from within the client either, but I can also manually run "Endpoint Security VPN", which then gives me two icons on the top menu!Howard
PBOON inside Endpoint Security Products yesterday
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Enforce Policy Firewall fail on MAC 10.15.2

I got the error message Enforce Policy Firewall fail while connecting to VPN on MAC 10.15.2 on Check Point Security Endpoint E82.00. Anyone face the same issue and how to solve this?
Sucream inside Endpoint Security Products Thursday
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Client information is missing in SmartEndpoint

Hello,We have problem with displaying EPS Client status in SmartEndpoint console.After upgrade Smart Endpoint Management (method:CPUSE) from R80.20 to R80.30 Endpoint Client status is missing in SmartEndpoint. We have problem with all clients.On the user host - EPS client status is compliant and all blades have been installed correctly. Tested with SmartConsole:R80_30_jumbo_HF_B36R80_30_jumbo_HF_B42 EPS client:-versions:   E81.10, E81.30, E82.00, E82.10, E82.20-blades: Anti-Malware, Compliance, Firewall, App Control Any ideas? Best,  

How URL filtering and Application control work in Checkpoint Firewall

Hello Everyone, I want to know about "how URL filtering and Application Control work in checkpoint Firewall:.  Thanks in advance!!!
Sergo89 inside Endpoint Security Products Wednesday
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Endpoint Security VPN, remotely create site

Hello,do we have any way how to push a new VPN Site address to Endpoint Security clients (create it)? i know we can play with MSI file and trac.defaults, but endpoint client deployed on 500 computers already (we began from Endpoint and gateway should be next step).Advanced Package settings in SmartEndpoint looks like change MSI file also.And do we have any feature in SmartEndpoint for VPNs, because its part of client....please advise.thanks
J_Saun inside Endpoint Security Products Tuesday
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Firewall not forwarding traffic - policy unloaded

We have a 5000 series appliance that has not been added to a management station yet. In order to permit traffic through temporarily while we build other components we issues the 'fw unloadlocal' command. When we try to route through the firewall (using ping from a src outside one int and destined for a host on a different int) we see it get processed on the inbound interface (little i and big I) but it never leaves the destination interface.We have verified we can ping the destination and that a route exists.With the policy unloaded AND the firewall not being part of a management station would it not just act as a router and process traffic? Is there a debug command that can tell us whats going on?


Is there a way to blacklist applications by filehashes? If so how do I do it. Thanks!

MFA for remote VPN users

Hi Guys,In my organization we have many people that using checkpoint VPN software to connect to work space.Could we make the authentication more secure with some kind of the MFA? Looking for some solution purely by checkpoint if its possible.Would appreciate if you can share your experience.Regards,Mahdi 
Terry inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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Endpoint Security VPN IP Pools

Hello, We have Checkpoint VPN setup on R77.30. One of the requirements is that we have a separate "DHCP" assignment for network engineers to allow for more significant restrictions on everyone else. I can't think of a way to do this with IP Pools. Has anyone had this requirement in the past? How did you accomplish this? 

Endpoint E82.20 - no pre-boot background image

Hi folks.I am testing upgrade from E82.10 to E82.20 on Windows10 and new 82.20 version ignores background image policy settings. E82.10 is OK, Policy updated with current R77.30.03 EPS console.This is just cosmetic issue, all other features is working.Any glue where to search? Can anybody confirm this also ?thx.
IT_Department_I inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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Checkpoint Endpoint Security Client Problems

Hello everyone,I am having issues with removing checkpoint endpoint clients E80.60 and then installing inutial client E80.81. Some are failing when I go to add remove program and trying uninstalling it, while I type the correct password it says it is wrong. On another PC although I can see services running and tray displaying I cannot see it under add remove programs and lastly on some although I have installed the E80.81 I am keep getting the attached error.Any help with all of these differwnt issues?thanks
Tuyen_Van_Huy inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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Checkpoint Endpoint Data Protection support

We bought Checkpoint Endpoint Data Protection Product, but we don't know how to install, activate, deploy and operate. Please give me a full guideline for them, as soon as possible.Thank you very much! Regards,TuyenVan
David_Ulloa inside Endpoint Security Products 2 weeks ago
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ARM Processor Support

Dear Check Point R&D Group,Are there any plans to add Endpoint Security support on devices running ARM processors. A good example is the new Microsoft Surface PRO X which uses the Microsoft SQ1 processor and runs on Microsoft Windows 10.The device runs beautifully smooth and fast, I got all of the typical work software (MS Office, MS SQL Management Studio, etc.) Using the Check Point Capsule Connect to connect to the VPN.The device is a perfect desktop/laptop replacement for most users (Supervisor and above).Cheers.     
tom_allen inside Endpoint Security Products 2 weeks ago
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alerts and Popups

Is there a way to acknowledge a detected bot in smart endpoint  console? Also the user keeps getting notified (popup). 
JamieChung inside Endpoint Security Products 4 weeks ago
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Unable to install E82.00 on macOS 10.15.1 (Gatekeeper)

Having issues because the app is not verified or authorized by macOS Gatekeeper to install. Is this a known issue or are there recommended workarounds?How to reproduce:Download the package from the following: up the DMG: Endpoint_Security_VPN.dmgClicked the package installation. Prompted to with the following error:“Endpoint_Security_VPN.pkg” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.This software needs to be updated. Contact the developer for more information.This item is on the disk image “Endpoint_Security_VPN.dmg”. Chrome downloaded this disk image today at 11:31 PM from About my Mac:Model Name: MacBook ProModel Identifier: MacBookPro13,2Processor Name: Dual-Core Intel Core i7System Version: macOS 10.15.1 (19B88)Kernel Version: Darwin 19.0.0