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How to install Hotfix on R80.10 VSX

Hi Team ,Is any document for Video available for how to  install hotfix on R80.10 VSX mode .

Package might be still in use

Hi,Need to delete old endpoint client packages on our endpoint security server to clear disk space but i cannot delete any old packages it will only popup the error "Can't remove selected package. The Package might be still in use"I have checked t...

How to upgrade to Windows 10 with FDE in-place (E80.94)

How to upgrade to Windows 10 with FDE in-placeHi Team,OS: R80.20Install on Machine: Enterprise Endpoint Security E80.90 Windows ClientsEnabled Blade :1.Sandblast Agent Anti-Ransomware, behavioral guard and Forensics2.Sandblast Agent Anti-Bot3.Sand...

Downloadable application lock by SmartEndpoint policies.

Hi all,Currently I have the following scenario:I need to block a downloadable application through policies of Smartendpoint and its client.It is possible to customize such blocking, that is, a "test.exe" program can not be downloaded by a user.Tha...

No IP and server name after client install

Hi All,Maybe I do something in the wrong way, but after installing client with EPS.msi there is no connection to server, works in offline mode. If I just install Initial Client then Server Name and Server IP fields are empty, it only show a green ...
KV inside Endpoint Security Products Sunday
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Checkpoint endpoint VPN Windows 10 is not booting up after Monthly patches

Since the past 6 months we have been getting around 50-70 random computers every month not booting up after the pending reboot after installation of monthly patches from Microsoft. The computers get stuck at the HP logo (All of our computers are H...

Endpoint reboot required for initial install?

Hello, Anyone know where it's documented about if Endpoint requires a reboot for the initial install? I have 80.92, and want to put it on some problem servers, but don't want them to reboot. Most all our servers have 80.88, and they did reboo...
Cody_Ray inside Endpoint Security Products Sunday
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Licensing in Endpoint After Computer Deletion

Why is a license taken up for the Endpoint client when the computer is moved to the Deleted Users/Computers directory in the SmartEndpoint console? Is there a way to purge this on a scheduled basis or have it remove the active license when placed ...
BeaconBits inside Endpoint Security Products Thursday
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Cloud Capsule with Direct Access (Microsoft VPN)

Hi Everyone, I have a DirectAccess (DA) on the user laptop and also Checkpoint CloudCapsule(CC) running. DA initialises when laptop starts and pings all the gateway addresses of the active interfaces including Physical and Virtual interf...
Kraucer_Mazuco inside Endpoint Security Products Thursday
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VPN - connection speed reduces by 50%

When I connect VPN, my connection speed reduces by 50%. I know several people with the same problem. Has anyone else noticed this? I have two servers in my company, they are on the same network. One is accessible via the Internet. In them I hosted...

PreBoot + Yubikey

Have anyone experience with Yubikey and CP Endpoint Security? Found vasco documentation, but it is for older CP EPS versions :
Kevin_Vargo inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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URL filtering without HTTPs inspection

Hi - I recently added URL Filtering and App control to a new cluster for guest traffic.  I found that access to is allowed even though the site is categorized as illegal/questionable (which I have set to block).  Accordi...
Rick_Rodrix inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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VPN users report

Hello buddies!I´ve been looking for a way to report all VPN users by creation date.On the users properties, I´ve found a field called "User account created on:". Using Database Tool (Dbedit), I dicovered the DB field name "creation_date".However w...

R80:10 Jumbo fix upgrade verification message clarification

HiWe got the following message when doing the Installer Verify checks prior to a Jumbo Hotfix install on our R80:10 Open Server Security GatewayInstallation is allowed but with additional text about file differencesIs this just an Informational me...
Ilya_Avetisyan inside Endpoint Security Products 2 weeks ago
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GAiA 80.20 Endpoint Management server not starting

Hello Colleagues,I faced with strange problem when I activated Endpoint Management blade on our Management Server. When I'm starting Endpoint Management GUI it's stuck with 'Endpoint Management Server is starting...' message and finally says 'Endp...