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Sandblast forensic report generation through smart endpoint console .

Hello Team,

We are facing issue while generating forensic report through smart endpoint console. 

we are able to view  detail forensic report through sandblast agent while click to incident

id.below are forensic report we capture from agent . same we need to generate

though smart console.

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Can you please explain better the issue? it was not clear.


Hello  Lior_Arzi,

I have some questions regarding sandbalst EPM 
1), As you have seen in my previous post I had attached forensic report. That report, we have obtained from agent machine. So is it possible to view that detailed report from my EPM server, Because it's not possible to view the forensic report, going to the each and every agent machines.
2) Can we have any option in  EPM server  to check whether agent machine online or offline ?
3)How can we send auto email notification to user or admin that your system got  infected and sandblast prevented  them ?
Please help me ..