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Machine Authentication support for R80.10 gateways

Looking to deploy Machine Authentication as a replacement of Microsoft DirectAccess.

As per SK121173, there is a hotfix required for the gateway, that I am told is only supported on R77.30 GW's.

Now that R80.20M1 is released, which brings management inline with R77.30.03 (the other pre-req for this), is there any ETA on when the gateway HFA for this will be released and supported for an R80.10 gateway?

I don't understand why, with R77.30 being less than 1 year away from EOS, that there is still features that *require* me to use a version that is in its final year of support! For a new deployment, I am having to explain to the user that we know a substantial upgrade is going to be needed at some point in the next 12 months - that is a terrible user experiance.

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Re: Machine Authentication support for R80.10 gateways

I assume you're referring to this: Machine Certificate Installation on Security Gateway for Authentication to VPN Clients 

This was provided as a customer-specific release and is not yet in the maintrain.

We are planning to provide a version of this fix for R80.10 and integrating it into our next releases.

Please get in contact with your local Check Point office for further assistance.

Re: Machine Authentication support for R80.10 gateways

Great info Dameon, thanks.

I understand that this HF (sk121173) is available for R80.10 JHF-take_112. 

However, I have requested our CP-SE to submit an RFE to port the HF into R80.10 JHF-Take_154 (installed on Azure Vsec/CloudGuard cluster) also.


Can I just confirm with you, if by upgrading the SMS (premise open server) from R80.10 to R80.20GA JHF_take13, will not negatively impact what we are trying to achieve on the Azure gateway with sk121173 ?

- I recon it won't, but I can do without any gotchas!

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Re: Machine Authentication support for R80.10 gateways

If the hotfix is gateway side only then I don't believe so, but best to check with your local SE.

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