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SMP 1500 appliance VPN setup with an Externally Managed Gateway

Author  @Julie_Paul 


This document is instructions to setup a 1500 Appliance managed by an SMP plan in a Star VPN setup with an externally managed gateway a that is R80.x or higher.


  • Security Management Server(SMS) at R80.40, latest JHF
  • 6500 Appliance managed by SMS, also at R80.40
  • Security Management Portal (SMP) configured
  • 1500 appliance managed by SMP portal at latest firmware version
  • Plan is created and applied to the 1500 Appliance


  • NAT is not being utilized or needed in this example, as every network behind each gateway is unique.
  • You have access to both the Security Management Portal and the Security Management Server

SMP Portal Steps

  1. Export SMP Certificate
    1. Logon to the SMP portal, go to Service Domain – Settings—in the General section select Certificates
    2. Click export X.509 and save to your desktop



  1. Import SMS Certificate.  (
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