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MattDunn inside Access Control Products yesterday
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Device distinction

Hi,Can the firewall distinguish between Apple IOS mobile connections and those connections initiated by a  browser/PC/MAC?  I'd like to apply slightly different policies depending on the type of device connecting...Thanks
Jarvis_Lin inside Access Control Products yesterday
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Translate destination on client side

Hi CheckMates,Per sk85460 says:Detailed example:  Server side scenario: If the correct static host/network route for "Destination/Server" was added into the routing table of the underlying operating system, the packet will be r...

Change the VSX internal communication network

Hi guys,I have to setup 4 VSX cluster in HA mode, and I would like to modify the internal dedicated communication network for each one VSX cluster. The default network is, and is a very large subnet. Could be ok dedicat...
lior_me1 inside Access Control Products Sunday
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rdp slow access between vlans

problem with rdp accesshangs on this window for a minute or two and then connectsany ideas what to look for?happens from every computer on a given vlan to another vlan on the checkpoint gaia appliance

VPN rdp probing with external managed device

Hello,with gateways managed by one SMS you are able to do RDP-probing for high availability of a VPN-tunnel beetween CheckPoint gateways. Works fine.But is this feature supported with an external managed gateway ? The other gateway is too a Check ...
inside Access Control Products Wednesday
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Establishing trust based on signed certificates between Cisco ISE and ID Collector

Based on a video posted here I created a document showing how you can use certificates signed by a Microsoft CA to establish trust between a Cisco ISE and a Check Point Identity Collector.  Take your time to see the video and then the documen...
Nikhil_Patil inside Access Control Products Wednesday
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AD and Firewall integration

Hi,One of our customer has Bluecoat proxy(for bandwidth management + URL filtering) and Palo alto(Application fw + IPS)firewall in their network. Network flow  LAN users -->AD server -->Bluecoat proxy --> Palo alto firewall -->Int...
Vengatesh_SR inside Access Control Products a week ago
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Maximum Policy Number's.

Hi Guys, We have 5600-NGTP device, we need to what is the maximum rule number can you added or supported by this firewall. And is the anyway to check for other devices also.I have gone through the datasheet but unable to get it.We are concerning i...
Amit_Singh3 inside Access Control Products ‎08-29-2018 09:42:00 AM
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Site to Site VPN - Check Point R80.10 to Cisco ASA - Troubleshooting

Moderators Note: the original poster removed the origins content of this post. However, the replies to this post may be useful if you're trying to troubleshoot a VPN between Check Point and Cisco.
Silvan_Nyambu1 inside Access Control Products ‎12-09-2017 09:04:07 AM
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High CPU usage on security gateway after R80.10 Fresh install

Hi, i am having a distributed environment of one Smartcenter and one security firewall both running on R80.10, but previously they were both running on R77.30I recently i did a fresh install of R80.10  on both the management and the Checkpoin...