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Employee Alumnus

Docker Container Service Objects

This script pulls all the running containers for a given Docker server and builds a service group that contains all the public ports. Each time the script runs it will check for container services that are no longer running and remove them from the services group. This script requires that the Docker Server API is enabled. I followed THIS example to enable the Docker API on port 2375.

I will be working to add support for multiple Docker Servers in a future revision.

     Running Containers inside Docker Server

     Example rule using the created "DockerServer" object and "DockerContainerServices" group object

      Service Group Objects that gets updated each time the script runs



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Have you tried this with Kubernetes?  Would it be very similar? I'm not familiar with the API supports for either system.

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

I have not tried with Kubernetes yet. I am working on detecting service containers across multiple docker nodes right now. 


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