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Mashar Aji
Hello,   I have achieved my CCSA R77.30 certification few months ago and right now i am preparing for CCSE R77.30, please let me know what is the Prerequisites?  in checkpoint website mentioned that need to have CCSA 80 for CCSE R77.30 
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Ankur Datta
Hi All,    I facing issue while understanding route based vpn with cisco device. I tried to lab the scenario but its not working. the topology is as follows.   R1--> Checkpoint firewall --> R2   R1 loopback - R2 loopback -   the objective is to ping to and traffic should go through tunnel.   So i am… (Show more)
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Danny Jung
Check Point's Certified PenTesting Associate (CCPA) exam is now available at Pearson VUE! The exam is based on the Hacking 101 training course.   Hacking 101 is built to train professionals in the realm of Pen Testing, by providing knowledge and skills in areas of network, system, network, web and applications hacking, as well as in Reverse… (Show more)
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Arthur DENIS
Hi guys,   I expect the answer no... But: any way to simulate VSX environment without specific hardware ? Some remote lab available on checkpoint ?   Thanks, Arthur
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Robben Aerts
The study guide for the R80.10 CCSE certification (165.315.80) is still referring to the R77.30 version. When will the guide on the website be updated for the new version?   The link I'm referring to is this one: And then below under get… (Show more)
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Simon Smith
Hi, I was just wondering is there any kind of offers on continual training or software for CCSM's?
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Atif Saeed
Where can i get CCSM R80 books / material/labs , do not like to attend any training . Please advise. In general advise about this exam - Got my CCSE R80 
in Training and Certification
Maik Dummer
Hey guys,   I am planning to achieve the CCSE R80 in the upcoming months, this summer. In about 2 weeks I will attend the official training to get a first overview and look into the topics. After pre-checking the CCSE R80 website I realized that the study guide is outdated and still refering to the R77 exam. So I searched through CheckMates and… (Show more)
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Matthew Do
Can someone tell me the place on SmartDashboard to configure Application Control & URL Filtering? I don't see those options at the same page where I found other options... like DLP, HTTPS inspection... App control & URL filtering are enabled and published & Installed on the GWY.
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