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Evgeniy Olkov
Briefly: R80.10 Administration Guides Package; Check Point Technical Reference Guides (ATRGs); Check Point “How To” Guides; Check Point Processes and Daemons; Ports used by Check Point software; Best Practices - Security Gateway Performance.   Инструкции и полезная документация Check Point / Блог компании TS Solution / Хабрахабр  - In Russian…
Robben Aerts
The study guide for the R80.10 CCSE certification (165.315.80) is still referring to the R77.30 version. When will the guide on the website be updated for the new version?   The link I'm referring to is this one: And then below under get… (Show more)
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Juhyung Lee
Hi,   I current have a CCSE-R77(156-315.77). But, It was expired at Dec2016.   So, I'm going to extend the CCSE. Can I take the exam 156-915.77?   If it is impossible, I must take the exam 156-915.80 to extend?   Regards,      
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Danny Jung
  Check Point CCSE certification extension is available online on Pearson VUE! Check Point provides a series of Internet based exams that candidates can take on their personal computers without having to travel to a Pearson VUE testing center. Two of these accreditation exams within a two-year period will extend your CCSE certification for 12… (Show more)
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Alexis Mansour
Hello guys. Both my R77.30 certifications CCSA and CCSE have expired. How can I obtain CCSE certification again? Just take the 156-315.77 test again or I also need to take the CCSA exam as well? From my understanding so far CCSA will not be required.
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Karan Khosla
Hi, I cleared CCSE R77 back in Jan-2016. Now it will be expiring in another 10 days. I want to confirm if CCSE R80 Update is the only option for me to keep the status valid of my certification or can I take CCSM/CCMSE as well and that would do the trick?   Please confirm.   Thanks, KK
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Toufiq Rehman
Hi, I needs to sit for CCSE exam and want to confirm if still I can sit in CCSE 156-315.77 exam or its expired.   I dont wana fail in CCSE R80 unless got good experience so thats why wana sit in 156-315.77 so that I can pass it.
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sandip kakade
I am planning to give CCSA R77.30 , just want to confirm is this still valid ?
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Oskar Rodin
Hi   I've heard that 2 Continuing Education Credits within 2 years will extend your CCSE exam for another year.   When I took my second Accreditation exam online i did not get my CCSE extended. Instead of Accreditation, the Threat Prevention exam says this: RENEWAL Threat Prevention R77 - 2 Continuing Education Credits   But my expiration… (Show more)
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