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Dor Marcovitch
hey   should there be any problem of installing the SBA agent on a computer that is not a domain member ?    it looks like the Chrome Extension is not being installed on the computer.
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Chris Butler   There is a known limitation in the Sandblast client heading that DOES NOT HAVE A LIMITATION ID TO SEARCH ON   SandBlast Agent 02524725 Zero-Phishing… (Show more)
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Dameon Welch Abernathy
Today, we made available the Public EA program for the E80.71 release of SandBlast Agent and Endpoint Security. This can be accessed via - -> TRY OUR PRODUCTS -> Early Availability Programs -> CPEA-EVAL-E80.71. It is appropriate for: Check Point customers and employees OPSEC partners Members of the Check Point… (Show more)
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Olga Kuts
Will the SandBlast agent work correctly if a proxy with authorization is used? 
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Libin Thomas
does the new E80.70 client have anti exploit feature
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Sagar Manandhar
hi, i am using Total endpoint Security and it shows me the tampering event. What does this means? is it my PC is not secure or its something t
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Igor Freidin
When deploying or conducting POC for SandBlast Agent you most probably use dedicated machine for Endpoint management while your primary Check Point log server may be already configured with all your customized settings and even integration with SIEM. In that case you would want to sent all your logs securely from Endpoint log server to your… (Show more)
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