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Dameon Welch Abernathy
                Forrester Research, Inc. conducted an extensive in-depth analysis of endpoint security features amongst 15 different vendors, scoring on 21 criteria, including malware prevention, data security, product support, and more.    In the 2018 Forrester Report, Check Point earned the highest possible scores in the Malware Prevention,… (Show more)
Bradley Fillo
Hi folks, Forgive me, but I have an excellent Check Point partner whom is asking how to pull SandBlast Agent >for Browsers< logging/reporting/policy info.  That is, is there a management portal as there is for our O365 product?   In all of my SB training I have not seen one, but they seem convinced there is one and/or they can connect the O365… (Show more)
in SandBlast Agent (Endpoint)
Tim McColgan
We are seeing an issue since we upgraded to client E80.83.5080. When a user saves an Excel file and chooses the File Type of PDF, an error will show up in Excel saying the document has not been saved. However, the strange thing is, the file will (sometimes) save. It seems that it saves when you try the save as PDF process after the first time with… (Show more)
in SandBlast Agent (Endpoint)
Thanh Tung
Hi everyone,   I have this scenario:   - 1 TEX appliance managed by a SMC R77.30. - 1 EPM R77.30.03 that managed SBA. - SBA is configured to send file to TEX for TE and TX.   The emulation is fine but I can only view the forensic report on Endpoint and unable to view the TE report on EPM or SMC. It shows that "cannot be opened" when I click… (Show more)
in SandBlast Agent (Endpoint)
Hey everyone this is my first question on Checkmates.   Regarding Sandblast Agent issue.   I have R77.30 MGMT open server where Endpoint server is there. we using E80.81 client package. The issue is that  ".ica extension is blocked by Sandblast agent" As we see that by using Sandblast Agent extension we can able to add any extension in… (Show more)
in SandBlast Agent (Endpoint)
Jim Pike
Can anyone speak to the ease of installation/deployment of the endpoint/sandblast agent solution?
in SandBlast Agent (Endpoint)
Arun R
Hi Team,   I am facing an issue in Sandblast Agent for Browser, Whenever my client is trying to download the files from the website. Browser Agent returns an error.   I.e: Original File Downloaded. Error: Server returns an unexpected response(Forbidden).   When I tried to download checkpoint articles(ex: Admin guides) it returns the same error.… (Show more)
in SandBlast Agent (Endpoint)
Amir Glibic
Hi, we have an issue with Anti-Ransomware / Remediation. The Windows-Admin was cleaning up some unnecessary user-profiles from clients with standard windows processes. A bit later, users reported that they got a popup from Anti Ransomware and that dozens of files were restored.   Anyone else experienced this behavior?  Is there any way to… (Show more)
in SandBlast Agent (Endpoint)
Olga Kuts
Are there any official recommendations from Check Point on adding exceptions to the SBA Anti-Bot blade? For example, we have the Anti-Bot blade incident when the user accesses the UserCheck of Application Control blade. How to explain this behavior for customer?
in SandBlast Agent (Endpoint)
Jesús Toledano
Hi folks,   Here you are a complete guide to deploy an Endpoint Management server with Sandblast Agent endpoint features enabled.   HTH,   Jesús
in SandBlast Agent (Endpoint)
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