Oren Koren

Cyber Attack View formal release for R80.10 & R80.20

Blog Post created by Oren Koren Employee on Sep 6, 2018


Few months ago, we started to work the new dashboard for Threat Prevention Investigation methods.

You can find the first post in here: Threat Prevention Cyber-attacks dashboard 

I am happy to announce that we formally released the version for R80.10 & R80.20 under the following SK - sk134634


This dashboard is allowing you to locate the cyber threat you need to address to based on attack vector and in a very fast way. our EA customers were able to locate threats on/in their network in a very fast way and without the need to query on their logs as the first action. 


we improved the queries also based on the community inputs and we are looking for more improvements and inputs from the community.  if you have any inputs related to the dashboard please contact me directly - Orenkor@checkpoint.com






examples for all of the pages in the dashboard.


  • Main pageMain page - Cyber Attack View
  • Infected Hosts

Infected Hosts - Cyber Attack View

  • Reconnaissance action on your network

Reconnaissance - Cyber Attack View

  • Different delivery methods

Malicious File Download - Cyber Attack View

Malicious Emails - Cyber Attack View


  • Host exploit

Host Exploit - Cyber Attack View

  • Malicious Websites

Malicious WebSites- Cyber Attack View