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Gianluca Giordano
Hi mates I meet a problem in all enviroment where management server and log server are separeted servers. The version is R80.10 The problem is related to log generated from new gateways. The logs are sent to the logserverbut they are not written in the database. During my investigation and debugging the daemon on logserver, I found out the… (Show more)
Heiko Ankenbrand
Via Check Point Support you get a Syslog exporter for SIME applications for R80.10 Managment. Which allows an easy and secure method for exporting CP logs over syslog. Exporting can be done in few standard protocols and formats. Log Exporter supports: Splunk Arcsight RSA LogRhythm QRadar McAfee Log Exporter is a multi-threaded daemon… (Show more)
Yonatan Philip
Hello All,   We have recently released the Log Exporter solution. A few posts have already gone up and the full documentation can be found at sk122323. However, I've received a few questions both on and offline and decided to create a sort of log exporter guide.   But before I begin I’d like to point out that I’m not a Checkpoint spokesperson, nor… (Show more)
Tim Koopman
I am wondering what is the performance impact of enabling NetFlow? And how does that compare to normal Logging from a performance point of view?   I have some large gateways and we required currently to log all traffic both allowed and blocked. On our bigger firewalls this is starting to cause problems as the FWD process that handles all logging… (Show more)
Pedro Espindola
Hello, everyone,   Up to R80 there was a "Test connection" button in the report configuration page for SmartEvent, which was quite useful.   How can I test the SMTP server connection when configuring a scheduled report in R80.10?   The R80.10 Loggin and Monitoring admin guide describes the procedure for previous version.
Dameon Welch Abernathy
The tool collects fundamental information to properly size log servers. SmartEvent Sizing Tool (sk87263) 
Dan Roddy
We have an important relationship with another enterprise that uses the application 'OpenVPN' that is allowed and very necessary. I asked the TAC how to edit the risk because all my reports show this 'critical' risk and I was told 'No'.  Of course I do not accept this answer.   All of my reports are skewed with thousands of risks every week, this… (Show more)
Burak Ozgen
We are using analyzing Checkpoint Events on SIEM. When one of our clients goes and watches some videos on Youtube Checkpoint LOGS&MONITOR shows 1 session in application control blade. Then when client closes youtube on browser, on checkpoint side session still continues. Problem is while session is continues on SIEM side there will be more then 1… (Show more)
David Chau
Will enabling the Traffic Connections for the Smartview Monitor blade have an affect on CPU and memory resources?  If so, what is the impact?
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