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Gregory Welch
I got a question today that I have not looked into before, do we have a method of reporting the Applications we use in our environment?  Obviously only traffic that crossed a gateway would be identified.  Is it possible to report on any application identified with the App Control Blade?  I figured I would ask the community as I research the… (Show more)
Aaron Pritchard
Recently working with a customer to get upto speed with R80.10, and replacing a proxy solution with Checkpoints App&URL blade solution, an interesting issue came up when it came to hand over the project to BAU.   When a block page is generated, Checkpoint has a few auto-generated fields that help with the tshooting. such as source IP, the… (Show more)
Muditha Thelisinghe
With SmartLog in R80 how can I search for 'Address Spoofing' logs? Which field should I select? With SmartView Tracker I could add a filter on Information column but with SmartLog I can't do the same.
Olga Kuts
Hi! We have a certain group of destination addresses. We need to calculate the total number of connections for this group for a certain period of time. How can we do this at R80.10 in SmartConsole as well as from cli? It is necessary exactly the number of connections, not events. Thank you!
Anthony Kwang
Hi All,   Not sure if this been asked before. How can i view NAT information in R80.10 Log and Monitor section?   Is it only applicable to Smart View Tracker which is hidden inside smart console folder?   If yes, what about those security gateway in the public or private cloud such as VSEC? how can i view the NAT information?   Thank you.
How to check EPS (events per second) count on the Management Server (R80.10)?
Vladimir Yakovlev
Is there a way to include the Resources, such as URLs in all connections events, not just in the Sessions? I have observed,when using a non-transparent proxy, that the destination resources, while being present in "Session" events, are absent in subsequent connections, for as long as session is maintained.   It is possible that this behavior is… (Show more)
Jim Pike
I am new to 80.10.  When looking at reports I am a little lost on creating one.  I would like to capture and have a report that details all application data.
Alan Dressner
Hi everyone, We have migrated over from R77.30 to R80.10. We were deleting files based on date under the manager's options under Logs, Storage. That option is no longer available in R80.10. Anyone has any suggestions on how to delete files based on date in SmartConsole?
Artur M
Hello, We are trying to integrate logs from Check Point R80.x server with a third party log collector. Is there a guid how to intigrate the new R80.x with a third party syslog server ? Thank you.
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