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Pedro Espindola
Hello everyone,   After upgrading gateway to R80.10 we noticed rules with Application/Service set to Any do not log applications that match the rules. The exact same rules with R77.30 gateway and R80.10 SMS work fine.   We have tried with both shared and separate layers for network and application rules.   We have tried all kinds of tracking… (Show more)
Matt J
Is there a way to reuse widgets or any kind of preconfigured ones? I just upgraded to R80.10 from R77.30 (fresh install) and am having some issues with setting up views. I used to be able to reuse queries from SmartEvent's Event tab but I don't see anyway to do anything like this in R80.10 console or SmartView. I see you can copy and paste widgets… (Show more)
Matt J
In R77.30 SmartEvent, you could click on an event and open it in a new window to see the details. With R80.10, it opens the log view in a separate tab and then I have to find the event again to click on it and open in a new window to see the details.    For Example, I have a widget that shows all IPS activity. When I double-click on an event I… (Show more)
Dameon Welch Abernathy
Check Point has recently made available publicly a tool that allows you to export Check Point logs from the management to a syslog server.   Refer to the following SK: How to export Check Point logs to a Syslog server using CPLogToSyslog 
Rui Meleiro
Hi On R80.10, we are using the MTA/Postfix mail gateway. There are some legitimate messages that are being tagged as spam and are registered on the logs. Nevertheless, we cannot find an absolute reason for those as the detailed log does not show all information - namely, the SMTP headers and the sender IP is "masked" by Postfix. Is there any way… (Show more)
Ricardo Andres Munoz
It is necessary the correlation unit license or is enough with the Smart Event license? Can I migrate a R77.30 Smart Reporter (with reporter license) to a R80.10 Smart Event?
Alfred Trevino
Hi Guys, We have successfully created a user with read-only permission for smartlog, however my client does not want to visually see the other tabs, and gateway objects. Can we accomplish this today with R80 or is this something that is not available yet? thank you.
Nicholas Adams
As the subject references, I've seen in a customer's deployment on a Smart-1 R80 appliance and in my own freshly configured VM the same seemingly un-sourced logswitch happening every night at 00:00, even when there's an explicitly configured automatic logswitch configured for the SMS object in SmartConsole for a daily logswitch at 23:59. Does… (Show more)
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