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Josh B
Prior to upgrading a security management server to R80.10 and the latest jumbo hotfix, I had email alerts for certain events (CPU usage & and policy install, for example) working as desired using sk25941 & sk38929. After the upgrade, the emails are still received but the body of the email is blank. Does anyone have any ideas what to check?
Tommy Forrest
I've seen an interesting behavior in our 80.10 infrastructure.   We use GeoBlocking and many times we'll see where the firewall is dropping the traffic due to a GeoBlock.  But, it posts the wrong country's flag next to the IP address.   In the attachment, you'll see being marked with an American flag.  However, the destination… (Show more)
Oren Koren
Click to view content****************************************************************update****************************************************************   Hey, few months ago, we started to work the new dashboard for Threat Prevention Investigation methods. i am happy to announce that we formally released the version for R80.10 under the following SK - sk134634… (Show more)
In R77.30 Hey everyone I have one query can we able to generate the IP base report for applications and url filtering blade through smart event ?   As I unable to find any option to generate the report.
*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************                                                                                          Troubleshooting with SmartEvent…
Vincent Bacher
Hello mates,   i just used the healthcheck script on a productive system to see if it's useful and just got the first unsightly result:   +-----------------------+-------------------------------+---------------+ | Memory                | Physical Memory               | WARNING       | |                       | Swap Memory                   |… (Show more)
Eric Speake
I'm looking for documentation or ideas on being able to run monthly reports on user activity. We used to be able to do this and then an upgrade broke this. All ideas are appreciated.   Eric
Requirement: Exporting Check Point logs over Syslog (LogExporter) to SIEM (my case Alien Vault) Dedicated SmrtEvent server with R77.30 GAIA OS Step 01: Check the current Hotfix install on SmartEvent server Using CLI: installed_jumbo_take and cpinfo -y all  Using WebUI: "Status and Actions"  section. Step 02: If take_338 or above is exit…
Nathaniel Horsch
Im using Log exporter to forward CEF formated logs to third party SIEM tool where i want to know the default CEF field values for mapping to SIEM.
Robert Mueller
Hi folks,   I try to monitor the current bandwith (MBit/s) for on specific interface via SNMP.. does anybody know the OID which I can use for that...    .    shows me something about the interface - but which exact IOD have I to you to get the MBit/s value?   Thx robert
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