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Henrik Noerr
I am trying to set the default query time frame to 24h from 7 days in SmartLog and the 'View rule log' functionality. This can be set manually by each user in Smartlog, but I cannot find a central way to do this. The change is saved in \\AppData\Local\Check Point\SmartConsole\R80.10\UserSettings\<USER>\<DomainIP>\<DomainName>   I guess one way… (Show more)
abihsot .
Hi,   I am on 80.10 with smart event and want to generate few reports to see what endpoint security VPN versions are being used:   client version; client name; list of usernames; operating system (not necessary)   it seems I cannot force client version to be on separate line and now I get "E80.92 and 12 more" in one line and then the list of… (Show more)
Nathan Churchwell
Apologies if this is not the right place to post this. But I could not find it in the forums\ my own research.   The IPS configuration for my company is very out of date and needs to be worked on (in progress). In my own testing\knowledge is it possible to have one active profile then another test profile that's newer, that is configured the way… (Show more)
Bishal Upadhyay
Smartview is not working in new tab of Logs, also it is not loading with https://<Mgmt IP>/smartview. The warning appears which is attached herewith. We are running distributed architecture with firewalls on high availability and running Gaia OS R80.20.   We tried disabling and enabling Smart Event blades on Mgmt. Also tried evstop and evstart;… (Show more)
Hi to all, I am trying to  create a report for a particular Month (January); I have managed to create and design the report I need on Logs & Monitor (we are using CheckPoint R80.10) through smartconsole and also managed to run the report however I do not get the report for the whole month since it got partially archived (.log)     Is there a way… (Show more)
Kosin Usuwanthim
Click to view contentI founded issue when search the log. Some client machine name not correct when compare with hostname resolve. From picture as below the correct name is desktop-2xxxx.   Any idea please suggest. Thank you.
Click to view contentDear FW:15600 Version:R77.30 Hotfix:Take_292 There are  too many  such logs: Kuaizip is a compression software,similar to WinRAR .How to inactive anti-bot detect and cancel such log.I don't think this kind of log is of any use.
Peter Baumann
Hi all, We try to monitor the virtual memory used on two different VS with SNMP. I already could set the SNMP into the VS-Mode and it seems working well. For the Virtual Memory we use the following OIDs: memActiveVirtual64 = . memTotalVirtual64 = .   We try to get the following information… (Show more)
Yonatan Philip
Hello All,   We have recently released the Log Exporter solution. A few posts have already gone up and the full documentation can be found at sk122323. However, I've received a few questions both on and offline and decided to create a sort of log exporter guide.   But before I begin I’d like to point out that I’m not a Checkpoint spokesperson, nor… (Show more)
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