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Introductory note: Since some documents haven't been given the little love they deserve IMHO, I'm going to document my findings and proposals for improving them here, for everyone's benefit. Usually, I've tried giving feedback in said articles, but either they didn't change anything (even though they said I was correct) or they just didn't… (Show more)
Raj Khatri
I am trying to setup email alerts for threats as they are detected (Anti-virus, Anti-bot, etc.) and configured Automatic Reactions within SmartEvent R80.10.  While I am able to get email alerting working, the email content provides no value as there the Attack Details is empty and having UserID information would be useful.  Also, I don't see a way… (Show more)
Hi all!   We have a distributed management/reporting deployment with 1 x R80.10 SmartCenter, 1 x R80.10 SmartEvent and 1 x R77.30.03 SmartEndpoint mgmt server. We have established opsec lea between SmartEvent and Endpoint Server, we receive the logs, the cpstat cpsead looks fine, we can find them under the smartlog, but we cannot find them under… (Show more)
Xavier Bensemhoun
Hi all, I would like we shared our best smartlog query and their appropriate columnsprofiles (if you do not choose 'Automatic Profile Selection'). We all should have generalize at least once a query in order to understand if a specific comportment/situation could be found in other firewalls. And if you do not remember what were your perfect… (Show more)
George Ellis
We just migrated our MDM and I was looking at what we may have missed.  The root log indexer custom settings file was missed, /opt/CPrt-R80/log_indexer/log_indexer_custom_settings.conf.  With 3 MLMs and an HA MDM, I am not sure what it should be.  This was my best guess.   (         :data ("/opt/CPrt-R80/log_indexer/data")         :server_port… (Show more)
Michael Horne
Hi,   I have newly install of a Management Server (VM on Hyper-v) running R80.10 fir all the recommended updates applied. The management server is also running the SmartEvent server / correlation unit:   The Security gateways are logging to the Management server. I am getting the following Error message: I check online there is little… (Show more)
Hi,   Is it possible to create views (and reports) solely based on logs based on "Track" configured "per connection" and not "per session"?   If yes, how? If not, why not?   Thanks.
Nader Assi
Hi,   I've noticed that many tabs in R80.10 SmartEvent GUI client have been removed, especially the "Events tab". I didn't find any official notes from CP regarding this change. I'm assuming it has been integrated inside the R80.10 SmartConsole however I can't find any equivalent of the legacy "Events Tab".   Can anybody confirm this change? And… (Show more)
Harmesh Yadav
Dear Team,   We know that in checkpoint we can taken backup through System backup , Snapshot and Upgrade export .   But we need to take backup Of report configuration and traffic log stored in Management .   I got one SK for R77.30 which will help to take backup of Report and log -- sk102452   But we need procedure for R80.10   Regards,… (Show more)
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