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Raj Khatri
Has anyone run into log indexes not deleting on Log Server?  On the log server under Logs | Storage | Index Files, the "delete index files older than x" days is checked, however they are not clearing.   Logs indexes are stored here: /var/log/opt/CPrt-R80/log_indexes   We have set to 30 days but there are 90 days of log indexes which caused… (Show more)
Bobby Meador
Anyone figured out how to filter traffic by URL on Application Control or Https inspection blades? I can find google on Firewall blade just not on these blades where I really need to see the hits by url.
Rick Carlo
I have cloned a number of Views and customized as I like.  I noticed that some of the new tables I added to my views have different "Drill Down" behavior than similar tables in other views.  For example, in my table when I click on a "top traffic source" it pulls up logs (based on Applications and Sites view).  In the Access Control View, when you… (Show more)
Juan Concepcion
So I can follow an incoming syslog message all the way into SmartEvent.  What I cannot do however is create a report filtering specifically for syslog because the blade does not show up for selection, consequently it does not show up in log view either when trying to select a specific blade for filtering on??   Has anyone encountered/found a… (Show more)
Hugo van der Kooij
I get some BETA Dejavu experiences. Where I would break the EA version by activating the DNS server on the object for my Active Directory server.   Ia noe have this gracefull error "Policy installation failed on gateway. If the problem persists contact Check Point support (Error code: 0-2000040)." But I can't even recall having put anything as… (Show more)
Pedro Espindola
Hello, everyone,   Up to R80 there was a "Test connection" button in the report configuration page for SmartEvent, which was quite useful.   How can I test the SMTP server connection when configuring a scheduled report in R80.10?   The R80.10 Loggin and Monitoring admin guide describes the procedure for previous version.
Bob Bent
Hi,   Is this available in R80, i.e. sending Check Point security logs to 3rd party devices via syslog from the management server? This utility was previously available as a hotfix called CPLogtoSyslog?   thx, bob
Hello, From the Smartconsole -> Logs & Monitor -> Log view or from the Smartview Web interface, I would like to export all logs from a filtered log view to CSV. In both cases, I use the "Export to Excel" function but I have two different problems : In smartconsole, I only get the displayed logs in the CSV, not the complete list of filtered logs.… (Show more)
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