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Ryan St. Germain
Is there any way to identify the referrer when utilizing URL Filtering/App Control? Our current proxy product will log a request and the referring URL. This helps us with root cause analysis.   Ryan
Ivan Lim
Original credit goes to this post (please go over there to read up on it first): Log rate calculator for MDS / MLM   Basically took the script & modified it for single domain. In addition to showing log rates, also added in extra information: - number of logs generated during monitoring period - increase in log file size during the monitoring… (Show more)
Biju Nair
Hi, we have a open server running MDS(R80.10) and few CMAs in it. I was looking for an option to delete the old logs once the space reaches a specific thresholds. This option is not available in MDS or neither in the respective CMAs.   Is there anything changed in 80.10 for an MDS running in a open server.
Anuj Kumar
we are working on SIEM tool and also integrated checkpoint management logs with our Tool.also using smart event server . now we need to integrate Antibot,antivirus and threat emulation event with rsa sa (siem )tool. please help on this. i am also checking DXL as well. is any other way to intigrate Antibot and antivirus event with RSA SA .
Tom Coussement
I know the inspection points "i", "I", "o" & "O" Now I see for example eth2:e and eth2:E in fw monitor output Is this voor incomming and outgoing encrypted traffic? Can't find it in documentation...
Giorgio Giustozzi
Hi to everyone,   I've an R80.10 SMS, that have the cplmd process goes to 100% cpu ("top" view) when I do some query on the Log search (Log&Monitor). Why? How can I decrease this cosume of CPU? Tha machine is an 8 core CPU.   Thank you!  
Marco Valenti
Hey all   We encountered diverse issue with security gateway fwd and fw full , under heavy load seems that fwd crash and cpwhatchdog was unable to restart it with the result that firewall is still reachable from the outside but his main functionality as example proxy arp stop  working with the result of traffic outage.   Of course one of the… (Show more)
Dameon Welch Abernathy
Check Point has recently made available publicly a tool that allows you to export Check Point logs from the management to a syslog server.   Refer to the following SK: How to export Check Point logs to a Syslog server using CPLogToSyslog 
George Ellis
Hit count data seems to suggest there is more to it than rule id and count.  Has anyone found or built a method to do time series hit count report by rule?
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