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Oren Koren
Hey all, We are considering adding new dashboards to Smart View, and would love your input. One of them is the ‘Threat Prevention Cyber-attacks dashboard’ divided to business questions:        Malicious files User received malicious files via mail User downloaded malicious files from web Hosts exploit attempts Hosts scanning Users surfed… (Show more)
K. P. Kennedy
If someone is logging directly to SmartEvent only on R77, are they changing their log settings in order to utilize the logs tab for rules in R80.10?
Heiko Ankenbrand
Via Check Point Support you get a Syslog exporter for SIME applications for R80.10 Managment. Which allows an easy and secure method for exporting CP logs over syslog. Exporting can be done in few standard protocols and formats. Log Exporter supports: Splunk Arcsight RSA LogRhythm QRadar McAfee Log Exporter is a multi-threaded daemon… (Show more)
Romain Dubois
Hi,   I try to create an automatic reaction (email) when a Threat Emulation event occures. I can generate event (as I try the demo malware on theatwiki web site) but looks like it never sends email to notify the admin. What would be the correct event definition in the SmartEvent Policy so that I can get an email notification?   kind regards
Paulo Soberano
Hi community, I have CheckPoint 15600 series in R80.10. I need to have the visibility of Office 365 traffic. Anyone knows if it's possible to extract the traffic information per application using snmp? Thanks
Olga Kuts
Hi! We have a certain group of destination addresses. We need to calculate the total number of connections for this group for a certain period of time. How can we do this at R80.10 in SmartConsole as well as from cli? It is necessary exactly the number of connections, not events. Thank you!
Tom Cripps
Hi all,   We're looking into getting reports sent through email through SmartEvent. We're just having failed auth's on Exchange when we initiate a connection to send the email. Before I open a TAC case anyone seen this kind of behaviour? I've checked routing to the Mail Server, that's all fine, it's as is the MD5 hash isn't correct from what we… (Show more)
Longson Ho
Dear all,   I know cpsizeme is a lightweight script for measuring the performances during a time period. Is it 100% safe to run cpsizeme script on production's gateway and would not cause any service impact? Is there any known limitations or drawbacks that need to take caution?   We would like to measure the peak throughput and performance on… (Show more)
Jason Dance
Hi all.   I have reports being emailed out for web security traffic from different parts of the world.  What is the best way to specify a different timezone in each report, so its not reporting with the timezone/timestamps from the SmartEvent server?   -Jason
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