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Hi All, I am getting below error when opening log files older than today. The logs are all blank as seen below. If we open any log, under Description i see "Could not open log file @A@@B@1539550560 on position:23167. Possible reasons: log-files were deleted, moved or have been corrupted."   Appreciate any input i can get on this.
Boopathi Manickam
There is new requirement from customer, stating that they want to monitor IPS blade logs and when there is new signature updates  using SNMP Trap. will this possible ? #
Hello, I am trying to setup a Security Cehckup with dedicated Managemnt server and a gateway with interface in SPAN mode. In the topology of the gateway I've set the eth1 as  Internal / Not defined and No antispoofing And the Mgt interface as External without Antispoofing     In the logs I can see strange lines. I see the requests from the… (Show more)
rajesh s
Hi All, We are using Checkpoint R77.30 firewall, Gateways are not sending the logs to Checkpoint management server, Is anyone has similar issue?.
Stuart Green
Hi,   Has anyone encountered this issue with the MUH Identity Awareness Agent running on Citrix servers?  Initial connection works just fine but then after a few days it just disconnects and stops forwarding identities.  Event log on the server says that it is connected but the agent doesn't report that.  Screenshot is attached.  There doesn't… (Show more)
Gerard van Leeuwen
Hi, I'm using the Logs & Monitor of Domain Management Server ( R80.10 ) on a VS ( R77.30 ). I'm looking for the field name of "Xlate (NAT) Source IP"  to use in the query in Logs & Monitor.   (Already tried filtering using the "Copy Rule UID" of the NAT rule and using it with fieldname rule_uid. ) The drop down list of "other fields"   I hope… (Show more)
Evgeniy Olkov
Hi. As far as I know, there are NO smartevent reports for Endpoints. I found custom template for SandBlast Agent - How to support SandBlast Agent in R80.10 SmartEvent  But what about other endpoint blades (firewall, AV, complince, etc)?
Tomer Sole
Hi everyone,   R80.10 SmartEvent has a very capable engine for customized views and reports based on logs & audit logs. The front-end is called SmartView.   We want to use this community to share our customized dashboards and reports created with SmartView.   Let's have this thread as the main discussion of all custom reports - so that… (Show more)
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