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Nofar a
Hi guys!   Any idea as to how to export /var/log/audit/audit.log from R77.30 GW? Normally I would have done it with audispd, but it's missing from the GW.   Thanks!
daniel prestes
HI, I am trying to do a report which has the source, destination, service, action and rule ID as fields. I am having problems when I try to find the rule Id as a field because I only have these posibilities:   Anyone know how to add the field of rule ID? What I am doing is a table inside the report. I know that I can do a filter of the logs… (Show more)
Alexander Uritsky
Hi CheckMates. I have a request for scheduled report for VPN users usage. The request if for log for which users were connected last 24hrs and what resources they were using. Regular VPN client (not MOB). Any ideas how to accomplish that? (I can't find any VPN related tables on the reporting).   Thanks
Hugo van der Kooij
Hi,   I am currently trying to wrap the syslog output of a Barracuda Email Security gateway into the Check Point.   While I have seen the LEA fields document of 2011 it seem to me I am missing rather a lot as far as email is concerned. But I might just be missing them.   It seems the "from" field works sometimes but not all lines are parsed… (Show more)
Shivajith S
The scenario is Smtp packet nor able to reach cp security gateways from external to inside ( it's means from internet ) traffic hit can not see in the firewall logs for Smtp,  did not done any changes on the policy , hence  twisted is can able to telnet the public ip with port 25 from outside , But this traffic also not able to see in the logs ,… (Show more)
Juan Manuel Briones Mendoza
Hi, i´m having problems on SMS to get the log´s from my firewall´s, I was having some problems with the DB and needed to restore it SMS and import the DB from one of my working BK´s. the thing is that since a restore it we are getting error message from the JPEG under LOGS & MONITOR. Can u help me with a some tips so i can fix this issue. The… (Show more)
Vladimir Yakovlev
I could not figure out what parameters could be provided and in what form, to get this filter to display anything:   Trying *; "Blocked Message"; "Blocked_Message"; "Blocked*"; "blocked_message"; "blocked*"; blocked*; blocked_message, yields nothing. 
Ni c
Hi Mates,   I have a problem seeing MAC address information in the Logs though MAC address feature is added to the profile. Could anyone help me finding it or if I missed anything in here.          Thanks in advance. 
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