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Daniel Taney
Click to view contentI have a feeling this one is going to require a call to TAC, but does anyone have any experience troubleshooting this one? I've got one VS in a VSLS VSX Cluster containing 3 Virtual Switches and 5 Virtual Systems that I get this Policy install error on. All other VS's install policy just fine. The VSX Cluster is R77.30 with R80.10 SMS.   The… (Show more)
in Policy Management
Sagar Manandhar
I got the queries, if it is possible to implement a policy which block the client from downloading the executable(exe) files in  checkpoint. Our client were using fortinet 200D where we found such policy. So, we need to make that same policy to checkpoint. Regards, Sagar Manandhar
in Policy Management
soni kumari
Is this possible to check which database revision control has restored on R77.30 ?
in Policy Management
Maarten Sjouw
Last week we ran into an issue that a cluster was loosing the sync status and the backup member went into down state. Investigation learned that the Get Topology command erased the sync status of the Sync interfaces. There is no verification on the SmartConsole for this anymore, in R77.30 there was no way you could get out of the Topology window… (Show more)
in Policy Management
Alex Gilis
DISCLAIMER: I know about R80.20 Log Exporter but I have to support LEA until further notice.   R80.20 SMS + Log Server and OPSEC LEA, do I need to create the OPSEC for the log server and connect to its IP or the management? SIC goes up on OPSEC object but logs stop coming in when I change the log server from the SMS to the dedicated server. 
in Policy Management
Kaspars Zibarts
Challenge description: our user general internet access is limited to proxy only or very specific "whitelisted" IPs could be accessed directly bypassing proxy, i.e O365. Up until October we were able to script simple network group with all O365 IPv4 addresses based on XML information from MS. That has been streamedlined now and many services have… (Show more)
in Policy Management
Network M
I have a rule in Checkpoint, in Policy tab:   Source: host (one pc with IP) Destination: Internet Services & Applications: denied_sites Action: drop   denied_sites: custom site, which contains some urls. I wrote both, After installation policy, rule drops only http, but not https. How can I… (Show more)
in Policy Management
Hristo Grigorov
Hi,   Title says it all. Latest SmartConsole R80.20. Have a Limit object in your policy and try to use "Where Used" on it in the object tree. Result is empty window.   Please, kindly fix it. Thank you.
in Policy Management
Brian Deutmeyer
Click to view contentPrior to R80, it was possible to create a new policy without setting a policy installation target. That was great for staging new policies before the gateway was setup.  In R80/R80.10, this is no longer possible.   Anything imported from R77.x was allowed to have no install targets...   When will the feature come back?  It has been extremely… (Show more)
in Policy Management
Oliver Locher
Click to view contentI know how I can delete access control layers (via Manage Layers) but I didn't find any capability to remove a threat prevention layer. I always get a name uniqueness error when I would like to publish my changes because I have two Threat Prevention layers with the same name. So how I am able to remove those?   Error Screen: Thx for help
in Policy Management
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