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Aviv Abramovich
I'm happy to share that we a free live demo of the SMB gateways and the SMP management.   700 gateway: user: demo pass: checkpoint   SMP: domain: demo user: demo pass: checkpoint
in SMB and SMP
Julius Kaiser
Hello folks,     I can't change the dhcp range on a CP 1450 appliance; "IP address is in the range of an existing network". I don't see that anything overlaps with the range.   Deactivating/ reactivating DHCP and rebooting was of no help. The firmware is up to date.   Please see attached screenshots; no matter if I try to increase or decrease… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Leo trott
I am a VOIP service provider.  Lots of my clients use Check Point 730 firewall protection.  The problem is that the IT consultants that install and manage these devices sometimes make changes that cause voice QoS issues.  We've decided to  purchase a 730 and run it in a lab to familiarize ourselves with basic config and note which settings to turn… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Pablo Barriga
Hello community I wanted to ask you if you have configured a SMB device with three Internet connections   The Internet Wizard let me create new Internet configurations, but I wonder if I can use the LAN interfaces for this new connection.     Also if this configurations works like PBR to have differents routes per source and destination for… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Kristian Nyquist
Hi   I am trying to install a policy on my 1430/1450 GW with Smart Console. When i try to install the policy for gateway VPNbox1 I get the following error message:   Gateway: VPNbox1 Policy: Policy_VPNBox1 Status: Failed     - Compatibility package is not properly installed or configured.… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Ervin Gaju
HelloI'm new to checkpoint appliances and i'm a bit confused right now.A client wanted to change his firewall brand from barracuda to checkpoint.  A 1490 appliance was shipped to us based on our requirement.i have two questions:1) can i use smartdashboard? if not, why? the appliance come with a manual named centrally managed.2) i have 6 different… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Bob Bent
There are 3 ways to deploy our Small Business Appliances. If you have a lot of appliances to deploy, you can save a lot of time using the Zero Touch Cloud Service. Watch our video to see how this is done.   For more information; View the Zero Touch User Guide and REST API reference guide (sk116375) View the Large Scale Management (LSM) Demo Kit…
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in SMB and SMP
Eyal Rashelbach
Steps to obtain new account (portal) in Check Point Cloud SMP (Security Management Portal):   1. Make sure you have a valid Cloud Hosted SMP license in your UserCenter account. Cloud Hosted SMP license is one of the following SKUs:  CPSB-SMP-CLOUD-BASE-XX CPSB-SMP-CLOUD-DEMO If you don't have such a license, contact your Distributor, Partner or… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Ben-Zion Joselson
While configuring various settings in my locally-managed 1430 appliance (Firmware R77.20.60), I was surprised to find the following Threat Prevention Engine default Settings:   Anti-Virus Blade scans HTTP, FTP, Mail (SMTP and POP3 but not IMAP).  File types policy: Process file types known to contain malware.   Threat Emulation Blade (SandBlast)… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
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