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Ben-Zion Joselson
I intend to upgrade my Check Point appliance, from the veteran UTM-1 Edge NW8 to a modern 1430 appliance. I can choose between NGTP blades package and the more effective NGTX blades package, that offers SandBlast protection against threats in files about to be downloaded to my PC. I do not have Microsoft Office 365 cloud service at all. I… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Bryce Myers
Does anyone here have Radius configured on their Gaia Embedded boxes?   I have it working fine from the CLI, but when someone tries to login to the WebUI it instantly returns "invalid username or password".  I am currently running R77.20.51 on these boxes.  I did a tcpdump and I see the radius traffic when a CLI attempt is made, but no radius… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Zehra Ali
Hello, So I have a SBXN-200W-3 checkpoint device and I am trying to use its USB modem option to share internet on my devices. I have a Huawei EC315 3G device but I don't think it is supported here as i got the following error on its setup     So what options do I have? Can I rectify this error? Can this device be supported in any way? Also… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Robin Gruyters
After installing R77.20.60 I noticed that our WAN connection sometimes drops. When checking the logs I noticed that I have multiple redirects messages.   2017 Jul 24 09:56:03 gw thttpd[2197]:  [handle_redirect] - redirecting to 2017 Jul 24 09:56:04 gw thttpd[2197]:  [handle_redirect] -… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Irek Romaniuk
I have many 1100/1400 smart provisioned, centrally managed appliances which do CRL check with management server (fw1_ica_services port)  and if check fails tunnel is dropped with default of 24h. Is there a way to disable this check i.e. sk21156 ? I don't need CRL check because if I don't want appliance to have tunnel up I will terminate the… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Mike OMeara
Is it possible to have console access to a 750 Firewall through the serial port using a dial modem (US Robotics) and phone line? I am using a Cisco console cable from the serial port to the modem, and the modem on my desktop computer is connected using a standard RS232-DB9 serial cable. I have set the console port on the firewall to Speed=9600,… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Martin Torres
Dear colleagues: I have a question. I currently have problems with appliance, which is presenting problems of access to navigation, I understand the high processing with which it has at times. When I run the command: "cpwd_admin list" I notice that "START" column varies between 2, 3, even 4, this when there are problems on the appliance.… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Hi there, we need to configure the DMZ-Port as Internet-Connection with a static IP-Address.   I configured a static IP-Address via WebGUI. Internet-connection "Internet2" is configured with, but "show configuration" does not show this IP-Address.   set internet-connection "Internet2" type "pppoa" local-ipv4-address "auto" method… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
Eyal Rashelbach
Hi All,   We are happy to announce the release of Security Management Portal (SMP) R12.30 for SMB appliances.   This release introduces some exciting features and improvements for the SMP. The release is now available for Check Point cloud customers (vSMP), and will be available for on-premise installations soon.   SMP R12.30 homepage is… (Show more)
in SMB and SMP
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