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Rodrigo Castellanos
Has anyone been able to set this up between Check Point and third party devices ? Its Palo Alto in this case. And I will be using different public IPs on local and remote peers.    Do I create a new community with the secondary Peer IP Address? Or add a gateway to the existing community ? What happens with routes (I added another route with… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Rafal NIedbala
Hi, I try to scan files that are uploaded using Mobile Access Portal - File Shares, Web Applications but it looks like that all other security blades (AV,TE) ignores them. I triple check my TP policy and it seems to be ok. Does anybody can confirm that it should work and there is something in my configuration or is it something that gateway… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Pierangelo Repetti
Hello,   I am trying to install CheckPoint VPN Client E80.92 on a Windows 10 Professional PC. I keep getting the error   The system has reached the maximum possible number of network filters. Installation will exit.   (see attached screenshot).   I have already created the registry key… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Gaurav Pandya
Hi,   We are running on R77.30 with Mobile access blade enabled and with endpoint security scan check. I want to upgrade mgmt. server from R77.30 to R80.10/20. But I saw few threads and came to know that MAB is not working as expected in R80.10/20. So just checking if it is taken care in new General availability take.   Currently We have… (Show more)
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nicolas figaro
Hi all,   I'm trying to setup a remote access using l2tp ipsec on windows mobile 6.5 device. The ipsec comes up but disconnects immediately.   The kernel debug shows the following error :    [--- VPN-1: vpn_decrypt_chain: NAT Traversal encapsulated packet: id = 7afb6a, conn - dir 0, -> IPP 17 ---];… (Show more)
in Remote Access
OpenAware BV BV
Hi,    I am using the 750 appliance and have issues using VPN from within the local network. Any help is very much appreciated.   So the config is very basic. One network (and port) for wired (trusted) LAN (192.168.1.x) and one network (and port) for wireless (untrusted) LAN (192.168.2.x). The idea is that it is not allowed to connect from 2.x… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Freddy Logie
When I try to activate the IPSec blade on my cluster, it gives me the error "You have defined the gateway's encryption domain using its valid addresses but you have not defined these addresses.  Define valid addresses by editing the interfaces in the network management tab."  I have valid IP's in network management so I'm not sure what this is… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Mike Lutgendorf
MAB Rule flagging SSLVPN traffic as unauthorized now.  So stupid question perhaps. But logs show that a MAB rule 36 is catching this traffic and denying it now. (It wasn't previously. The only change we had to the SSLVPN was having to rebuild radius attached to duo which is logging said person in correctly now.)    If I click on it within the… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Mike Jensen
I have a Check Point cluster that has remote access turned on for remote access VPN use.  The certificate that secure remote access is using has been found to be using a weak hashing algorithm and/or a RSA key less than 2048 bits.   I am in need of correcting this and have not been able to find a way to make remote access use a different… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Pedro Espindola
Hey guys,   Since E80.82 VPN remote access client for windows we can add a site using a hyperlink like this one:   cpvpn:///?host=   Is there any undocumented way to set the name of the site? I tried using name=<site-name>, but it does not work for windows (only mobile, which has a different URL format).   If… (Show more)
in Remote Access
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