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Rodrigo Castellanos
Has anyone been able to set this up between Check Point and third party devices ? Its Palo Alto in this case. And I will be using different public IPs on local and remote peers.    Do I create a new community with the secondary Peer IP Address? Or add a gateway to the existing community ? What happens with routes (I added another route with… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Libin Thomas
To start the tunnel BEFORE you login with domain-credtials to your windows pc.   Then, after the vpn tunnel is established, you can logon directly into your Active Directory domain   is it possible with Mobile access or IPsec vpn ?
in Remote Access
Paolo Francese
Hi cp mates, I'm trying to set up a remote access office mode connection that not expire or at least a way to automatically reconnect the VPN without user intervention.   In Check Point Mobile I've set Auto-Connet flag, but when expiration time (8 hours) is reached the connection is dropped.   In the gateway global properties I've seen the… (Show more)
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Jack Prendergast
Hi,   when the IPSEC VPN is disconnected, I am unable to use the machine to connect to any network. It allows the actual connection, but states ‘no network access’ and unable to access anything. Not able to ping my gateway for example. It’s definitelt related to the VPN client, as when I uninstall it, it works fine!   i then reinstall it, still… (Show more)
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Elias Rabanser
Hello,   one of our partners has a side 2 side vpn to us, the remote gateway has the public ip address X. The device has been created as interoperable device with his own vpn comunity.   The vpn works, they also have a http service where our server needs to connect to update a custom application. The problem is that they are using the same… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Kosin Usuwanthim
I already follow by Automatic Upgrade from the Gateway manual from Administration Guide. Please help to advice.
in Remote Access
ovidiu catrina
hi   at the moment we have the standard remote vpn for our users with office mode, authentication done through LDAP and MFA, which works perfectly, no complaints here until so far     but i want to start implement certificate based authentication on the remote vpn clients.   the CA is internal, our Active Directory will issue the certificates… (Show more)
in Remote Access
jessica stanson
Hi,     does anyone the CMD to see the vpn Pre-Share Keys in Checkpoint?   In Fortinet the PSK is saved in the config File like:   set remote-gw set psksecret ENC Sqjxee+N3ZaTG2lL..........wa27N+XALaSxVQ==          
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Reinhard Stich
hi, what I am looking for is a setup that the VPN-client automatically starts and connects to the site after windows boots. as I see it this should be the ATM mode. has someone experience in that? what I managed to have is vpn-autoconnect after the windows-users logs in - but I don't get it work after windows boots. I am playing with… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Kurt Lee
Hi everyone,   I'm trying to configure client-to-site VPN but I'm having some issues. I was using Endpoint Security and I had no problem but I don't have sufficient licenses. Then I tried to implement the SecuRemote solution and there began to arise some doubts. Reading the documentation I realized that the configuration is basically the same… (Show more)
in Remote Access
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