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Longson Ho
Dear all,   Do you have any idea on below Check Point VPN version number and their corresponding OS version (eg. E80.6X, E80.7X). I think they are all Build Number.    835007083 966000202 986003013 986000452 986000810 986000092   Thank you
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Chris Prescott
We have a mobile access blade activated in our firewall but have disabled it via the GUI interface; however we can still see that port 80 and 443 are open to the internet.  We can see via tracker that it is an implied rule that is accepting traffic on 80 and 443 but cannot see which implied rule is allowing it. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Chris Dunbar
Is it possible to change which LDAP attribute DynamicID uses when looking for mobile phone information? I'd like to use "otherMobile" rather than "mobile". This is for R80.10   Thanks,
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Pedro Boavida
Hi Check Mates,   Check Point has this nice feature called "Dynamic ID" and it can integrate, among some flavors, with SMS providers. I've been using it for long time with providers in the cloud but I'd like to know if someone has been able to successfull integrate with any SMS Gateway APP for Android. If so, please share it.   Best regards,  … (Show more)
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Damjan Janev
Has anyone tried and succeeded in this? Since R80.10, sk61060 is no longer applicable and the relevant configuration is performed directly on the gateway object in VPN CLients -> Authentication. In the personal certificate i have Fetch Username From: Subject Alternative Name.UPN in the Login option Common lookup type: User-Principal-Name / UPN… (Show more)
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Dilmurat Zakirov
    If we have CPSB-EP-COMPLETE-LICENSE, do we need purchase  additional CPSB-MOB-X  license in order to implement Endpoint Vpn connection from my remote users laptops? According to   - NO, WE DO NOT purchase additional CPSB-MOB-X … (Show more)
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nagaraja cs
Setup:Distributed Version:R80.10 with TAKE_56 AD authentication for SSL VPN users stopped working after AD password expiry of non-admin user. We were not able to see complete AD tree,we have manually added subdomain with parent domain,after that user is able to authenticate,but not able to access native applications.  It is working for local… (Show more)
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Brianpiraty Alexi
We have multiple sub nets in the local encryption domain(checkpoint firewall ) . and only one subnet for the remote peer encryption domain. Remote peer is a non checkpoint device.   Once we have initiated the ping from central gateway to remote gateway , I see that Phase 1 is up.   Phase2 not. Ike .elg file shows that  P1 - main mode - all 6… (Show more)
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Raymond Dijkstra
We are currently using Checkpoint Endpoint Security VPN and our OS is Windows 10 version 1709 We now have the problem that we cannot create a VPN connection anymore. The Windows 10 is a clean install so no upgrade. When we install the Checkpoint VPN we are able to create a site where to connect to but when we are trying to make a succesful… (Show more)
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Michael Gonnason
Right now I have a single meshed community to connect three remote sites together.    I have a single Remote access community on one gateway, and that works great. However we want the Remote Access community to be able to work with all gateways and users.   Is this a supported config? We are too small to leverage Multi-domain architectures. 
in Remote Access
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