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Harel Hechter
E80.70 supposed to be compatible with Windows 10 x64 1703, but it caused BSOD on a daily basis (several times a day, actually).  I have tried it on 2 different Windows 10 x64 1703 based computers and the results are the same.  BSOD has stopped completely after uninstalling it. Any further info. will be extremely appreciated. Thanks! Harel  
in Remote Access
Heath Mote
We are moving from #Cisco to Check Point and are testing out the remote access vpn. We have a setup with using an ldap connection with duo for 2fa. We are experiencing the gateway only authenticating fully through LDAP/Duo only on the initial connection. If we then disconnect and connect again, the mobile vpn seems like its using cached… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Dameon Welch Abernathy
Various browsers have deprecated support for NSAPI, which eliminated the mechanism by which Java could be integrated with a web browser. This has impacted the use of SSL Network Extender (SNX), Compliance Scan, and Secure Workspace rom the Check Point Mobile Access Portal. Check Point has developed a new Mobile Access Deployment Agent technology… (Show more)
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