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Jozko Mrkvicka
Hello,   We are using Remote Access VPN Client (SecuRemote) to establihs C2S VPN tunnel between end users and GW. It is possible that once user is connected via VPN, some message will pop-up (like MOTD) ? For example I want to inform end users that something will happen with VPN connection at some day. Similar like message that VPN encryption… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Bill Ng
Can someone explain to me why I am not getting the same client remote access IP address space when I use Checkpoint SecuRemote as compared to Checkpoint Capsule?    When I connect to the same 1100 gateway using my phone with Checkpoint Capsule I get the ip of 172.16.x.x as configured on the gateway.  When I connect to the same 1100 gateway using… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Dameon Welch Abernathy
As you know, iOS 12 release is coming mid-September.   In iOS 12, Apple has mandated a dramatic change to Capsule Connect APIs for supporting iOS VPN. To continue Capsule Connect compatibility with iOS 12, we have had to make necessary, but vast, changes. The next Capsule Connect client, will be applied to iOS 10, iOS 11, and iOS 12, all of which… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Gustavo Ferreira
Hello Mates.   I need to publish an icon in the SSL Mobile Access Portal that opens a Remote Desktop session to an internal server. I'm using R80.10 version with legacy mobile access policy. Does anyone know how can I achieve this?   Thank you.
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Tim Kirk
Does anyone know how I can get on the 8757-early-availability-for-capsule-connect-for-ios-12 program??
in Remote Access
Rodrigo Castellanos
Has anyone been able to set this up between Check Point and third party devices ? Its Palo Alto in this case. And I will be using different public IPs on local and remote peers.    Do I create a new community with the secondary Peer IP Address? Or add a gateway to the existing community ? What happens with routes (I added another route with… (Show more)
in Remote Access
Prince Sibanda
Applications with network groups as servers are limited to host and address range members. Access was given to an application that do not comply this limitation. To resolve, replace the network group members to the following:  Remote_Desk am trying to push a policy and l have disabled the anti-spoofing and am getting the MAB blade error 
in Remote Access
petr kalina
Dear Community,   I'm struggling to make the VPN connection to work from my mac. I run into issues when using the snx_extender from firefox so I tried to use the native MAC client.   I'm able to connect (the client says: VPN: Connected, Firewall: Enabled), but when I try to ping some of the hosts in the VPN, I get request timeout.   The utun1… (Show more)
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