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Phil Leinster
I need to know what the maximum number of MAB VPN users are able to connect simultaneously for planning purposes.   I know the command 'fw tab -t userc_users -s' can tell me the high watermark of connected users under the #PEAK field, but I cannot seem to find a way to show the maximum number of users that can connect.   I am also aware that… (Show more)
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Dmitri Rashal
Dear all! I'm trying to connect to some corporate VPN from my Windows 10 Home (1803) machine. For connection I use CheckPoint Mobile 80.85. I would like to point out that I'm an outsourcer and I have no idea what is VPN server configuration, I just've got an instruction from some company. I'm an IT guy but not a specialist in VPNs, network,… (Show more)
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Andreas Kraik
I recently upgraded a R77.30 gateway to R80.10, all is working fine except SSL Network Extender!!   I am able to connect to the VPN and is assigned an officemode address, but I am unable to connect to anything on the internal net.   Policy is the same as on R77.30   I ran a fw monitor filtered on the officemode address, and the clients public… (Show more)
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Mathias Weidner
Hi,   I'm using a Checkpoint VSX with R77.30, configuring it via SmartConsole.   There I have set up an IPsec VPN with IKEv2 to a Cisco device. The peer is telling me that he gets an odd remote-id for this VPN, so that I have investigated this using `vpn debug trunc` and looking into $FWDIR/log/ikev2.xmll afterwards. There I found the… (Show more)
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Prabulingam N
Dear CheckMates,   In customer environment, Unlimited SSLVPN-U users connecting thru SNX. (No S2S, only RA) All working fine. But when the Mobile RA user limits crossed over 5000, then getting error in SSL Ext and unable to login.   As per sk123798 - doubled the parameter of Max Concurrent Tunnels and started working fine.   Is there any… (Show more)
in Remote Access
I'm working in a company where we are using a lot of S2S VPNs, I follow some SKs but didn' found a real solution to my problem, basically : we are routing traffic between 2 sites with VPNs  (we are the HUB:H)    S1-H-S2  (S: Spoke)   S1 : domain based vpn S2 : Route Based vpn traffic from S2==>H==>S1 encrypted fwd properly on S1 vpn (no… (Show more)
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Oscar David Gomez Mora
Hi, do you know how can I configure a S2S VPN  between a CP and a third party fw in some way that the VPN always be up, even if its not traffic passing across it?   Thanks,  David Gómez. 
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David Herselman
Click to view contentWe successfully configured DynamicID to make use of two factor authentication via SMS. The number is retrieved from the 'Mobile' field in Active Directory but our client has a dilemma.   Not all staff have company issued mobiles and the client has automation scripts in place to build staff email signatures using information in Active Directory.… (Show more)
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Rodrigo Castellanos
  Hi Guys,   I'm running into issues connecting directly to MSSQL instance using Management Studio after connecting to the VPN client.    Everything else seems to be working fine, has anyone ran into this issue ?    We have migrated to a new cluster, old one was R77.30 and it was working fine.   This is on new appliances R80.10 Mobile Access… (Show more)
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Raymond Poede
Click to view contentSite2Site VPN (Amazon - Company)   We're running a firewall cluster based on R77.30 and what to setup a IPsec VPN tunnel with Amazon VPC   But there's a known issue with R77.30 and VTI's See: How to configure IPsec VPN tunnel between Check Point Security Gateway and Amazon Web Services VPC using static routes    If CoreXL is disabled we see… (Show more)
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