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David Spencer
We use a wildcard for our mobile blade platform portal, which is also used for the desktop client. The platform portal is working correctly and has the correct hostname selected.   The desktop client gets a certificate error, saying the site is presenting itself as the wildcard instead of the proper hostname   "The site presents itself as… (Show more)
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Eran Bida
I have a checkpoint 750 appliance. I want to have a public "guest" network that have no access to the internal network. Occasionally I want to allow an access to the internal network using a VPN.   I can't seem the perform any kind of VPN into the device from the wireless network. Is this scenario possible?
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Bob Bent
  Happy to say that RSA has updated their SecurID/RADIUS integration guides using R80.10 as the test platform. These can be found at RSA Link; (Check Point Software Technologies Inc. - Techno... | RSA Link). On the page you'll find 2 documents: the users view when using the integration (Check Point Remote Access Clients) a simple configuration… (Show more)
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Help Desk Help Desk
Hello there,   we face a problem with the windows 10 pro laptops that upgraded to 1809 version.   Users with those laptops connects through ssl vpn (snx) to our company, our firewall has R77.30 take 5 , Deployment Agent build: 1573 .   When they manage to connect through ssl vpn, they start ping from cmd the desktop that they want to connect,… (Show more)
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Oscar David Gomez Mora
Hi, I'd like to know if there is some way to configure multiple and simultaneous client authentication options for remote access, I mean all options at the same time. An example of this could be: User + Pass + 2FA + Certificate.   I know I can configure 2 options (User + Pass and 2FA for example), but more than that is possible?   Thanks, David… (Show more)
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Daniel Collins
Hello, Hoping the community can help me with an issue I'm trying to solve. Our customer is trying to migrate away from one RADIUS based solution to another RADIUS based solution, doing so incrementally. They mentioned "Multiple Login Options" which seems to do what we want to do.   I setup Multiple Login Options as per the guide (this is for… (Show more)
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Paolo Francese
Hi cp mates, I'm trying to set up a remote access office mode connection that not expire or at least a way to automatically reconnect the VPN without user intervention.   In Check Point Mobile I've set Auto-Connet flag, but when expiration time (8 hours) is reached the connection is dropped.   In the gateway global properties I've seen the… (Show more)
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rajesh s
Hello all, We have 2 gateways in remote access vpn community, If i connected one gateway after some time vpn client automatically trying to reconnect to other gateway, How do i stop vpn client automatically automatically connecting to different gateway.   Our setuup as mentioned below. Checkpoint version R77.30   Remote access vpn community… (Show more)
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Anat Bar-Anan
We are happy to announce an EA program for customers who are interested to try out our new clientless RDP support for MAB’s portal.   Short introduction: This addition of RDP application enables MAB users to access their work desktop from remote, using only their browser, just like they access the other applications published on MAB portal.  … (Show more)
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