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Vladimir Yakovlev
Any suggestions what I may have done to cause this? This is a lab environment, so I can do whatever I want with it. Freshly installed 2016 domain controller. IA enabled with wizard and successfully created LDAP account unit. adlog a query all returns just DC, no users or other domain member PCs.   Gateway and management are R80.10.
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Mo Imran
Hi,   We recently noticed SIP signalling traffic (5060/udp) being dropped following a working configuration and appears to be happening to just one of two SIP gateways IP addresses , which have the same configuration.    Background/Setup information: The SIP gateways are on a private network however (static) NAT'ed for access to the external… (Show more)
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Danny Jung
Click to view content  This Bash script allows you to run common Check Point CLI tasks without having to crawl for command cheat sheets, bookmarks, google, manuals, knowledge base etc. Moti Sagey's  Top 3 Check Point CLI commands thread inspired me to start this project, allowing everyone to suggest new enhancements, improvements and share their ideas.   To install…
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I am new comer with the Checkpoint solution and I worked on the Cisco solution and we had a POC for the Sandblast Network and the customer wants to make sure of certain points, so I allow myself to ask for your help given your experience feedback. The client's infrastructure is local with 1300 Users and in his network they have a fortigate in… (Show more)
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Dor Marcovitch
hey   is there an easy an automatic function to convert an interface into a vswitch ?  i need a lot of times to make this procedure because we need another FW to access the same vlan. we need to remove all routes -> remove interface -> create vswitch -> add the interface -> add the routes to the old FW   thanks dor
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Valeri Loukine
To all CheckMates, we have good news for you!   As of today, R80.20 take 101 with Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator take_17 (as described in SK137592) is the default version (widely recommended) for all deployments. This version is available for download via CPUSE and from the R80.20 home page (SK122485).
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A new On-Going Jumbo Hotfix Accumulator take for R80.10 (Take185) is available. Please refer to sk116380 To get this take please use the package identifier mentioned in sk116380.   Product Symptoms Security Management Values updated in resourceProfiles files to handle high CPU utilization for "Java" process (described in sk123417) are not… (Show more)
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Manoj Kumar
I have a question, I have upgraded the MDS from R77.30 to R80.10. Also I have replicate the backup in new MDS (later newer one would be active). In one of the existing CMA there are around 40 S2S VPN tunnels running in mesh topology. Now if I want to separate any one VPN tunnel from the topology with respect to gateway which we are going to… (Show more)
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Juan Lobera
Click to view contentHi Team, Quick question.  A R80.10 management is outputting a big backup file, about 1gb, and its managing only 1 cluster and another gateway I find this to be too large and whatsmore it takes a significant amount of time to install policy. I found inside the backup (/var/log) this file;     Is it safe to delete?? where is it taking it… (Show more)
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Phillip Runner
When organizations merge, there are often requirements for connecting the networks of the different businesses when they still have overlapping RFC1918 IP space.  Is there a way on a single Check Point firewall/cluster to provide the NAT for both directions between organizations when the address space overlaps?   Take for example:   SiteA/Server… (Show more)
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