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Dave Taylor
I’m trying to open my CCSM training manual on my iOS device and I get an error “Failed for unexpected reasons”.  Is this supported on iOS? 
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Etheldra Frederick-Radde
Has anyone started installing JHF317 and resulting it breaking the cluster where one of the firewalls do not come back up? It seems that it is breaking the sync connection. Please let me know if you have experienced this and what you did to remediate it.
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ashish solanki
Hi All,   Need some help for the below issue:   fw: Warning: Can't find ::CPSB-CTNT in cp.macro. License version might be not compatible Warning: Can't find ::CPSB-CTNT in cp.macro. License version might be not compatible Updated kernel's debug variable for module fw   I had built a lab as standalone and get evaluation licence for gateway only… (Show more)
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Johan Hillstrom
Hi We recently went from R75.46 to R80.10 on a new cluster. But now we are experiencing IPSec VPN issues, mostly with Azure VPN gw. We have verified that this is an MTU/MSS issue by temporarily lowering MTU on one of our AD DCs in-house as well as one of the Azure AD servers. However that is not a desirable configuration in the long run.  … (Show more)
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Quilcaille Nicolas
Let me explain, I can see youtube videos from firefox but not from IE An idea ?   If so, how to allow IE ?   Thank you
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Heath Mote
We are interested in setting up realtime monitoring of our gateways and management. I'm interested to know of systems being used successfully and ones that I should stay away from.    Our networking group currently has Solarwinds NPM for monitoring routers, switches, APs, cell modems, etc. So that is available but we could go with another system… (Show more)
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Jan Vejling
CBT-Nuggets R80.10 lab setup - how? I have tried running the exact lab from cbt nuggets very fine recent videos on a VmWare workstation on a separate ssd with its own bootable-windows 10. It works to some degree, but after a short while i experience serious problems with the Checkpoint gateways and managers, requiring a reinstall. Has anybody… (Show more)
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Prabulingam N
Dear Team,   I have run into below situation. Anyone had come across - need your suggestion.   Site-to-Site VPN between CheckPoint and SonicWall CheckPoint has static External IP. But SonicWall is DAIP - so they have DynDNS.   When we configure Interoperable object in CheckPoint Dashboard - it is mandatory to tag the Certificate received from… (Show more)
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Reinaldo Fernandes
Hello All,   Does Check Point provide Acclaim badges?   Thank you
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Di Junior
Dear Mates,   This is not a technical but it is more based on your exeperience with Checkpoint solutions. What can one do when it is tasked with the responsability to become the admin of the checkpoint firewalls of a big company for the first time. What should one be busy with on his first weeks? take into account that the former admin is not… (Show more)
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