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Duane Hartman
I have recently run into a substantial issue with vSEC for ESXi (R80.10).  This issue revolves around the vSEC being supported as a Standalone Server versus a distributed environment.  In researching the product, along with conversations with appropriate check point pre-sales engineers, it would appear that for smaller environments the Standalone… (Show more)
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Jonathan Lebowitsch
Hi, a customer challenged me to replace an ailing member of a cluster with a brand new one. here are the steps: (This was tested on an  R77.30 cluster Afand R80.10 management server) We assume that we have a cluster where in azure, the names of the cluster member VMs are CL1 and CL2. The name of the resource group is CLrg. We want to remove CL2… (Show more)
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Sajid Abbas
Hi, I have some queries regarding AWS vsec and on prem communication   1. I have added AWS cloudguard (CG) instance on our on-premise SMS through CG public IP address. This has been successfully added and SIC established. Is this the best way to add CG.   2. I have configured VPN between on-prem GW and CG. This is not being established due to… (Show more)
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Nicholas Sheridan
Hi forum!   My management server has been integrated with azure (I set up the data centre server).  I can read all the objects in Azure.  (I'm running R80.10 gateway and mgt) I have set up Identity Awareness too. My gateways are not enforcing the rules I have created with datacentre objects! Everything looks perfect on the management server,… (Show more)
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Martin Vilim
Hello, I started with Checkpoint before 12 months, with Security GW (Open Server VmWare) and Smart. The Smart and management are installed on the same server. Gaia runs on Hyper-V Windows 2012 R2. The virtual server version is 1. On the revision R80.10 Take 42 I experienced huge problem with time sync. Because of incompatibility between Gaia and… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Bhavin Bhatt
Hi All, we have an on prem R77.30 Management server and are looking to deploy a CloudGuard cluster in Azure. Now as we know, i either need to upgrade the mgnt server to r80.10 and deploy r80.10 cluster in Azure or leave the Mgnt Server as is, and deploy r77.30 ClouGuard in Azure.   if i remember correctly, R77.30 Mgnt cannot support a multicore… (Show more)
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Eugene Tcheby
Hi everyone, This is a step by step guide I created on how to deploy CloudGuard (Vsec) virtual gateways in Azure using virtual machine scale sets in Microsoft Azure. Feel free to comment, leave feedback or contact me directly should you have questions. 
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Dameon Welch-Abernathy
Most current version of this document will be here: Check Point CloudGuard IaaS High Availability for Microsoft Azure R80.10 Deployment Guide 
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Edson Adrian Diaz Cuevas
Hi CheckMates!,  I need to know is someone can help me or lead me in order to setup a HA cluster of checkpoint Vsec on Azure.    Following sk110194 doesn't mention nothing about the proper way to configure the cluster HA, just we need to work with Active directory and API. but , to be honest, i never worked before with active directory on azure… (Show more)
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