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Libin Thomas
Team,   Does Vsec can do east- west traffic scanning on Hyper V environment ? if yes is there any prerequisite from the Hyper V side as like  NSx is the Vmware   Appreciate a quick response on this 
in CloudGuard IaaS
Hello, i need a clarification about NAT with multiple public IP with GW CloudGuard in Azure. Can I assign or route more than only one public IP to CP GW? I need to pubblic more than one web server (TCP ports 80 and 443) and we would like to use many public IP. I hope i was clear. Thanks a lot
in CloudGuard IaaS
Hi,  Another tricky one to explain   In Azure i use UDR to route traffic out of the cloudguard.  I then have an LoadBalancer forwarding the traffic for its extrnal IP to the Cloudguard and then onto the internal zone on a VM. When i try to connect to the loadbalancer external IP the cloudguard is blocking the connection due to Local interface… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Peter Havrila
HI Gents,   First question ever, so be gentle   I have an issue with the vSec R80.10 firewall running as a traditional VM in vmware environment (no AWS/Azure here). If I use only the default 4x vmnet3 interfaces from the OVA, all works fine, but as I start adding more vmnet3 interfaces up to the maximum (of vmware) of 10, definitelly some of… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Steve Corke
Hi there, long time follower but not contributed anything. I've a couple of questions that I'm hoping somebody from here might be able to offer a view?   For background we've got three R80.10 Cloudguard IaaS gateways deployed in Azure (a standalone and a cluster in separate vNets) with a  dedicated R80.10 manager in a dedicated vNet. On the whole… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Henrique Sauer Silva
I would like to know if anyone knows how is the integration between CloudGuard with Vcloud Director. Anyone knows the SK/Documentation that shows the integration procedure?   Thanks!
in CloudGuard IaaS
Chandhrasekar Saravanan
All,   Check Point gateway cluster upgrade procedure in Azure.   I was told, in Azure you will bring up a brand new Check Point Cloud Guard cluster with the latest build and version and you will then shut down the old cluster, remove the NIC and attach it to the new Cluster you brought up   I am trying to do this setup in my lab, however I… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
CloudGuard IaaS RnD
Hello Everyone,   In an effort to improve customer awareness and add visibility to our announcements regarding feature releases, I'll be posting blog entries whenever we have an exciting new feature.   Hopefully, this will both be a good source for you to find out about exciting new features, as well as a platform for you to give us some direct… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Eric Merillat
Trying to troubleshoot some IA issues.  Doing a pep show user query usr command is showing a TTL counter of 0.  What exactly do the Time to live, Cached time, TTL counter, and Time left mean in this command.  Have scoured google, the support site, and these forums I am not finding any explanation of this output.   Thanks in advance!
in CloudGuard IaaS
Pamela S. Lee
Hello CheckMates Community! Check Point needs your help.   We are trying to understand whether Check Point customers leverage the MITRE ATT&CK framework.   Would you, as a user of Check Point solutions, find it helpful to have our entire product portfolio mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK matrices for protecting, detecting, and handling the tactics and… (Show more)
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