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Rohit Paygude
I am working on a POC where I have two Virtual Private Cloud (VPCs) on AWS where I am trying to send an egress internet traffic from Servers -> Squid Proxy -> Checkpoint -> NAT gateway  in which servers, checkpoint and NAT gateway is in VPC1 and Squid proxy is in VPC2 I have done the VPC peering but it seems traffic is getting blocked Checkpoint.… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
CSO cso
I have a azure  R80.10 cluster, while deploying  it has created the  VIP for the  external facing interface (eth0) and there is  no  VIP for the  internal interface (eth1). Is it possible to add a  VIP to the  internal  nic also ?    Requirement of  VIP - I am using this  internal  interface as  proxy  in my azure  setup. So when firewall fails… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Martin van Eden
So guys,     I'm busy onboarding to Azure right now and was looking forward to automate stuff using the CloudGuard controller on my on-prem management servers and the CloudGuard IaaS gateways in Azure. My whole environment is on almost the latest patch level; R80.10 Jumbo T112. I was very suprised to learn that for the controller to be able… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Ole Jakobsen
Hi,   I'm trying to do a deployment of CG in a AWS Transi VPC.   I have read the guides Transit VPC for AWS R80.10 Deployment Guide and CloudGuard for AWS - Transit VPC Architecture, I have watched the video Step by Step deployment of automated, multi hub Transit VPC.   One thing that is described in every guide is to make a VTI between the… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Lukas Nagy
Hello,   currently we are implementing Check Point vSEC GW hosted on ESXi host with 2x10G interfaces to Internet and 2x 10G interfaces to LAN. We would like to bond the interfaces for load balancing, however I don't know if we should do the aggregation on VMWare layer in vSwitch or I should create 2 interfaces to Check Point GW VM and bond them… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Anthony Kwang
Hi Guys,   is this possible to have each check point instance on each Azure Availability zone A and another instance on Azure Availability zone B? And redirection of traffic done by Load balancer.   same concept as AWS AZ.   thank you.
in CloudGuard IaaS
Lloyd Crosby
Good day fellow Check Point engineers! Remember the day when troubleshooting ClusterXL was best done with cphaprob commands and standard fw ctl debug -m cluster debugs? Nay! I say, use the old IPSO shell ICLID. "show cluster state" will show you all of your clustering woes even when your cphaprob stat is showing Active/standby with no transitions.… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Carsten Pfitzer
Hello CheckMates,   I recently deployed a R80.10 Scale Set in Azure, there were and still are some hiccups, but in general it works.   But now I face the problem, that I have to change settings of the gateways. While this is no problem for the "always there" gateways, it is a problem for those which get created and deleted automatically due to… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Ranokarno Ranokarno
Hi Expert,   Anyone can advise how can we build a Vsec CloudGuard using Terraform code. something that can mapped original ARM template as attached.   Best Regards, Rano
in CloudGuard IaaS
Amit Chaubey
Hi,    I have deployed Checkpoint Firewall R80.10 with help of Terraform on AWS. I am facing issue while accessing it from the smart console. I have followed the standard process, but getting error "operation time out". I have followed the suggested method by CP but no luck.  Has anyone faced this issue? Or any suggestion to fix this issue would… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
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