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Martin Vilim
Hello, I started with Checkpoint before 12 months, with Security GW (Open Server VmWare) and Smart. The Smart and management are installed on the same server. Gaia runs on Hyper-V Windows 2012 R2. The virtual server version is 1. On the revision R80.10 Take 42 I experienced huge problem with time sync. Because of incompatibility between Gaia and… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Nicholas Sheridan
Hi forum!   My management server has been integrated with azure (I set up the data centre server).  I can read all the objects in Azure.  (I'm running R80.10 gateway and mgt) I have set up Identity Awareness too. My gateways are not enforcing the rules I have created with datacentre objects! Everything looks perfect on the management server,… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Edson Adrian Diaz Cuevas
Hi CheckMates!,  I need to know is someone can help me or lead me in order to setup a HA cluster of checkpoint Vsec on Azure.    Following sk110194 doesn't mention nothing about the proper way to configure the cluster HA, just we need to work with Active directory and API. but , to be honest, i never worked before with active directory on azure… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Eugene Tcheby
Hi everyone, This is a step by step guide I created on how to deploy CloudGuard (Vsec) virtual gateways in Azure using virtual machine scale sets in Microsoft Azure. Feel free to comment, leave feedback or contact me directly should you have questions. 
in CloudGuard IaaS
Usman Shaikh
Click to view contentHi All... I have successfully deployed Checkpoint cloudguard HA cluster running R80.10 using Check Point CloudGuard IaaS High Availability for Microsoft Azure R80.10 and above Deployment Guide .. Internet ---- eth0 ( 21)/28) FW1 eth1 ( 38)/28) -------Inside (towards on-premise NTP server) As per the template the… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Aman Choubey
Hi Checkmates, I want to deploy the Checkpoint on the Azure Cloud in HA mode using the LB. please help me and provide some information, how can I do it? please share any KB articles.   thanks in advance.
in CloudGuard IaaS
Hi All,   Is it possible to migrate Checkpoint Cluster from Availability Set to Zone Redundant in Azure ? At present we have deployed CheckPoint cluster in Azure using Availability Set.   Thanks, Deepak Sharma
in CloudGuard IaaS
Dawei Ye
Hi guys,   I wanna know if you ever did transit vpc architecture by clusterXL? We are trying to deploy clusterXL in both transit vpc and spoke vpc. and we designed to run vpn tunnel via vpc peering with OSPF. but we found the stanby member in spoke vpc could not get the internet access(the return packet is dropped by GW in transit vpc).   I… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
Assenda Grupo Seguridad Informatica
Hi Mates,   can anybody please guide me on how to take configuration backup of checkpoint gateway firewall and export As political rules in management. my back up is 3 months   .. total thanks,   this translated google translator
in CloudGuard IaaS
Dameon Welch-Abernathy
We've recently released an important milestone in our security solutions for AWS – the automated Security Transit VPC.   This solution enables our customers to provide a vast array of security use cases to their public (or hybrid) cloud environments, with optimal costs & performance, complete automation and agility at scale.   With minimal… (Show more)
in CloudGuard IaaS
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