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RDP over HTTPS Inspection

Question asked by Shahar Grober on Sep 8, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2018 by Shahar Grober

Does HTTPS Inspection support RDP over Https?


I tried to activate Inbound HTTPS inspection on our RDP gateway which allows opening RDP connections over HTTPS on port 443.


The session is opened using https from an external client to the session broker and then changes to RDP over https (similar to the image below). 


When activating the https inspection, the connection is broken and there is a log saying that

  • Https validation is unsupported
  • Rejection reason is - SSL version is not supported.


When bypassing the connection in the Https inspection policy, RDP is working again


Is it possible to inspect such connections?

Did anyone try and succeed?

Is there a way to workaround the broken session or to inspect only the connection initialization (which is HTTPS only before changing to RDP)?

If not, is there a plan to support RDP over HTTPS inspection in the future?


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