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How can i migrate multidomain server to one box?

Question asked by Jigar Gheewala on Aug 1, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by Jigar Gheewala

In our current environment. We have 1 management station smart-1 25 in 1 domain and in other domain we have management station running on VM. Now our goal is to migrated this two station's into one box which is our new smart-1 5050 which is not in production yet. I know this product supports multidomain management and all can be handled by smart domain manager. 


But before we implement this, i have couple of questions.

1. My Vm station is running on 80.10 and smart-1 25 is running on 77.30 and smart-1 5050 is running on 80.10. Now can migration be possible?

2. if yes, then can my license also gets migrated to smart-1 5050 box from VM? Can i use same license that is on Vm currently to this box or do i have purchase new one?

3. Will all my policies and objects will remain separate? Can it be handled separately?