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In which cases would you use VSX?

Discussion created by Aleksei Shelepov on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2018 by Petr Hantak

Hello everyone.
I would like to hear your opinion and thoughts on the following topic.


Under which conditions the use of VSX on a cluster would really improve things? When would you prefer to use VSX over a usual setup? In other words, where is the line after which you decide "ok, this must be a VSX setup"?


The reason why I am thinking about this is that I cannot really see a lot of options for myself to use a VSX. I believe that in many usual cases adding VSX would just complicate things. VSX has some limitations, there are some additional things to be taken care of during operations like upgrades or migration, it should require additional hardware resources, as well as additional training of administrators.

Of course, VSX can bring several positive effects, which could weight out everything else (cost saving, flexibility, ease of adding new firewalls). But in my opinion this would work for only very few specific cases. 


I can see two options when most probably I would use VSX:


1. One of the cases when VSX could be preferable is when your company is a service provider and needs to support similar services for many customers. It would mean the you need to have many similar firewalls in the same data center, but they also must be separated from each other - own policies and objects, administrators, logs, etc.


So, many similar firewalls for different customers, separated from each other. It will help to minimize cost and time for adding a new customer to the environment.



2. The second case is when you are working in a quite big company which has multiple appliances for different purposes - external/perimeter firewall, VPN and mobile access appliance, internal firewall, separate firewall for server networks, etc.

One company with multiple firewalls for different purposes. It most probably would save quite a lot of money on appliances and their support contracts and would add possibilities to create VS for new purposes without big changes.



But would it be better to use VSX for a new VPN-only gateway for example? Or when you have only external and internal firewalls in your network? What about when you replace your old almost end-of-life internal firewall to a new cluster and besides of that there is only a separate VPN gateway?