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Import SmartEvent Reports From NGSE to R80.10?

Question asked by Daniel Taney on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2017 by Daniel Taney

I have a dedicated SmartEvent server that is still running NGSE. I am in the process of planning the total migration of our Management environment (SMS, SMS HA Box, NGSE Reporting) to R80.10. It seemed to me the SmartEvent server was the best place to start.


We have a number of custom reports that were created under NGSE. I see an option to export these to .CPR files. On the R80.10 side, I see there is an option to import them as a Template. The import seems to complete, but I don't see these reports showing up in the list. 


Am I missing something? or is this possibly something that isn't supported to go from NGSE to R80.10? I'm not worried about losing the data, but I'd really like to avoid having to recreate these reports.