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R80.10 GAiA Portal - Problems Importing already issued WILDCARD 2048 Certificate

Question asked by 89f54c70-508c-400f-9477-dd8648799b1e on Aug 11, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by Bryce Myers

Hi folks


just a quick one but to some extent complicated thing: Little background though.


1. R80.10 Standalone Appliance (all-in-one) as usual
2. no PKI done for either VPN or MAB (MAB is not in use)
3. Gaia Portal has typical per-ip Cert error when you try to log in - that's normal




1. replace files at




with your own one from your * set (received as issued with Public CA)


based on sk109593


- result: Tomcat does not wake up at all making your GAIA portal unusable


2. replacing above files is not enough as long as your $CPDIR/conf/openssl.cnf has no CSR issued within the shell (of course not as the CSR was done separately on different device in order to make wildcard cert!)
3. I see no path for importing wildcard cert without generating csr on particular appliance - do you?




1. have all GAIA portal(s) from each appliance within the network using same wildcard cert already in hand from Comodo.




any ideas/tips/hints chaps?


much appreciate your assistance as always (PhoneBoy especially) :)