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"Incompatible Usercheck objects" message during R77.30 Smartcenter migration to R80

Question asked by Pasca90a37704-0726-4362-b9ec-df2f5cf6b9d4 on Apr 25, 2016



I've performed several migrations from our R77.30 LAB Mgmt to R80 and EA3 was the last successful migration.

After downloading the latest R80 migration tolls I ran into some errors which are new to me:


Title: Incompatible Usercheck objects


* Description: Threat Prevention contains Usercheck objects with incompatible names


These Usercheck objects do not match the naming conventions supported by R80.

A solution will be provided in April 2016.


To resolve the issue, remove white spaces and hyphens from the object names:

Anti-Bot Blocked

Anti-Virus Blocked

Company Policy Anti-Bot

Company Policy Anti-Virus

Cancel Page Anti Malware

Threat Emulation Blocked

Company Policy Threat Emulation

Company Policy Threat Extraction

Threat Extraction Success Page


Threat Preventation was never used in our LAB environment.


Does anyone know how I can fix these object names?

As mentioned in the text, there should be somewhere a solution but it is still April and mabye it isn't released yet.