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R80.20 Newly Promoted Primary Manager as a Gateway not a Host ?

Discussion created by Patrick Tuttle on Feb 12, 2019
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We just promoted using the procedure in the R80.20 admin guide, our secondary manager to a primary. 

All seemed to go well but a few hours later logging stopped displaying in dashboard from the primary and was logging from the secondary in dashboard yet the logs are going to the primary as seen in the cli and the gateways have connections established on port 257 to both managers.


The gateways are configured for both manager / log servers.


We also notice that the 2 primary log servers are listed twice in dashboard on the right under log servers.


We then realized that the new primary is a Check Point Gateway object not a Check Point host.

Not sure if this could be causing any weird problems like this.


We are able to install policy with the primary without any problems.


I guess R80 did a way with  the conversion but we are not even sure this could be a problem or not.


Any help / direction would be appreciated