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Two Public LAN pool point single WAN

Discussion created by Atul Giri on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Mark Mitchell

New Checkpoint Cluster having setup like two WAN links, Primary WAN link having two LAN subnets(/29 Public IP's for NAT), Need help in configuring those subnet.


ISP: WAN 114.x.18x.x/30

ISP: LAN1 114.x.13x.x/29

ISP: LAN2 49.x.x.x/29


Have configured WAN subnet (/30) subnet as VLAN on WAN Aggregation L3 Switch, on same switch LAN1 subnet of ISP configured as separate VLAN and I am able to reach to Internet using this from firewall.


But another ISP LAN Subnet (49.x.x.x/29) trying to access from outside not reaching to internal Private IP's

NAT and Route has been added, Please guide what should be configuration on the firewall so NAT to work.