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Get Logs & Monitor Issue with a Central Management 1400 Appliance

Question asked by Qixing Cao on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2018 by Pedro Espindola

1400 appliancelogging missing_logging notrafficaccount

Hi everybody, I have got some issue when generate Views in Logs & Monitor tab in SmartConsole with a Central Management 1450 wireless appliance (R77.20.81_990172541), and my Management Server version is R80.20 with all latest recommend hotfixes.


But something strange happens, when I manually open a logs tab in SmartConsole, all logs including Action:Accept & Drop can be found, like this :my logs


But I open the Views such as Access Control views, there is no record of any Action:Accept logs, only dropped, and no traffic accounting, such like this:

the Access Control View(missing data)


I can't find any sk about this problem in Support Center.

Can Anyone Help Me?