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License for Multi Domain Management server

Question asked by Hiep Bui on Dec 5, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2018 by Danny Jung


We are deploying some CP firewalls, 1 Multi domain management server and 1 multi domain Log server. I am a bit confused when getting licenses for the devices.

Multi Domain server:

Multi Domain Log server:

In Multi domain server, we created 2 domains:

- Domain1, with server =, log = gateway 1 will be in this domain.

- Domain 2, server =, log =, gateway 2 will be in this domain

In User center, we have 4 devices: CPSM-NGSM50-MD5 (multi domain server), CPSM-NGSM50-MLOG10 (multi domain log), and 2 gateways.

When registering licenses, which IP addresses should I use?

- for multi domain server:

- for multi domain log server: should I use or

- for gateway 1: should I use (multi domain server) or (Domain 1 server)

- for gateway 2: should I use (multi domain server) or (Domain 1 server)

do I have to do anything for Domain 1 server + log server, and Domain 2 server + log server?

I am trying to search in Checkpoint documents but have not found what I need and still confused. Please help to guide me or show me the documents I should look at.