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How to add a rule with multiple actions

Question asked by Maarten Sjouw on Oct 23, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by Maarten Sjouw

I'm working on a baseline for an inline policy to enable URL Filtering and Application control for a customer that has not used this before, I searched through the questions here but could not find a response that would give me the clue. 


I run into some issues, while most things work just fine, adding and filling groups and creating the Layer with all rules, I'm just hitting a few snags, like when I add a drop rule I would also like to show the default Block Page, however I can only add 1 action Item, how can you add more actions?


The layer is added but unless I set it to shared the layer cannot be manually used as an inline layer. After the test I wanted to remove the layer again, it is not in use but delete layer is grayed out, in Manage Policies and Layers.