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My Security Management Setup Script

The Security Management API's let us recreate the same security configuration settings in every environment. 

I attached the API scripts that we use to set up the Cool Feature in R80.10: Cloud-Based Demo Mode  environment. Because this is a demo mode environment, the network elements are all fake and OK to use Smiley Happy

I published basically the same script but in SmartCenter mode and in Multi-Domain mode (editing just one of the domains).

You can use this as template to provision your own setup environment.





Access Control Policy with an inline layer for Application Control:


Access Control Policy with an inline layer for Content Awareness, and another inline layer for Rule With Exceptions:


An example of how an upgraded Access Control policy from R7x looks like in R80.10 - one ordered layer for network access, and one ordered layer for managing web applications:


Threat Prevention Policy with different profiles for different scopes behind the same gateway:

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