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Smart-1 Cloud + vsec_lic_cli = TAC (Inefficient Process)


Opened a ticket with TAC to apply some VSEC core licenses to a SMART-1 cloud instance.

They just closed the ticket but didn't provide a core usage report resulting in having to re-open the ticket and request the report.


Other then TAC asking unnecessary questions, this process of having to engage TAC to perform any vsec_lic_cli function is frustrating.

I'm not looking forward to trying to get TAC to pool licenses and assigning firewalls to the licensing pools.

More and more customers are deploying SM1C and some have 50+ VSEC Cloud GWs.


Just like the CME, are there any plans to add vsec_lic_cli to the SM1C WebGUI?

I'd even settle for a button on the GUI that spits out the core usage report.


I can see mgmt_cli has the "show cloud-licenses-usage" call so the report functionality is there. 



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