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Harmony Mobile 4.2 is available now!

The Harmony Mobile team is glad to announce the release of Harmony Mobile version 4.2.

Harmony Mobile 4.2 includes the following new features and capabilities:

  1. Protecting users from Phishing SMS – Harmony Mobile can now block SMS messages containing malicious links – video clip.

  2. One-click integration with Intune – The integration with MS Intune has never been so simple, and can now be done without using the Intune management console – video clip

  3. ONP for browsers – Admins can now run network protection for browser traffic only, while apps are scanned based on the Behavioral Risk Engine (BRE).

  4. Detecting when users connect to unsecure Wi-Fi networks – Because Open Wi-Fi networks and public hotpots are the fertile hunting ground of attackers conducting all kind of network attacks, it is recommended to avoid using those connectivity means to access corporate assets.

  5. Blocking access to AI services – Several Data Leaks have already been reported by few organizations. Highly regulated industries, more vulnerable than ever to leaks of sensitive data might want to block access to AI services whether from a mobile app or web browsers.

  6. Alerting admins on network protection suspend – As mobile devices are fully exposed to network threats when network protection is suspended, security admins can now be informed when their users suspend their network protection.

  7. Identifying most vulnerable devices – Zero-day cyber attacks are very often leveraging vulnerabilities and flaws in the mobile OS and apps. Identifying the most vulnerable devices is a MUST for a full prevention against OS exploits.

  8. New live demo - The live demo has been enriched so it includes all latest Harmony Mobile security capabilities – video clip.

  9. On-Device File Emulation capabilities – Previously released as a beta feature and now as a GA feature, Harmony Mobile can catch zero-day attacks driven by file downloads by emulating and blocking any malicious files before it reaches the users' mobile device.


For more info, refer to the Harmony Mobile 4.2 release notes.

For any further request, feel free to reach out - michell@checkpoint.com.


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