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Here's a list of things to check, just to try and rule out what it could be:

1) Ensure ports that are marked as downlinks on the MHO (normally port 27 or higher) are connected to the appliances

2) Check the type of the port is downlink (show or set maestro port 1/<port>/1 type) and change with set

3) Check that port 1 on the appliance's 10G port is connected to MHO 1 (port set to downlink on the MHO) and port 2 on the appliance's 10G port is connected to MHO 2 (e.g. to a downlink) 

4) Make sure that you have installed a scalable platforms version of the ISO onto the appliances

5) Confirm that you have the site amount configured correctly

6) Make sure the MHO amount is set correctly

7) Check the sync port is connected between the MHO's and set to be ssm_sync (like in 2 above)


If all of this is done, then from expert on the MHO, normally an orchd restart all you'd need.



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