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Hi Andy

  1. As mentioned by Yuval, Harmony Mobile cannot control the installation and/or removal of mobile apps (unless coupled with a UEM). This is more under the UEM scope of responsibility (mobile management).

  2. Focusing on iOS, options 1 and 3 will make the job while option 2 only applies to Android -
    1. With 1.,
      1. End-user is notified he/she should remove the app and
      2. Tenant admin is reported that Tik Tok is installed on the device

    2. With 3.,
      1. The end-user is neither able to access the Tik Tok servers from the mobile app nor from any mobile browser - Blocking is also notified by a notification
      2. The tenant admin is reported access attempts to the blocked domain names and/or IPs in the console

I hope it clarifies and helps!


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