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You are missing a very simple fact: zdebug is in fact nothing but a set of "fw ctl debug" commands, wrapped into a macros. 

You keep claiming there is a fundamental difference between using "fw ctl debug" and "fw ctl zdebug", while the main difference between these techniques is that zdebug reserves a very small output buffer, which makes it very impractical when used in a production environment.

This fact is thoroughly described in my blog post linked above, and then re-told to you by two other fellow community members. now I repeat it again, the fourth time. 

You claim zdebug is somehow safer than the regular kernel debug, which is not true. You refer to an occurrence when kernel debug crashed a FW. You somehow convinced yourself that it would work better with zdebug, and once again, you are mistaken. I have seen multiple cases in my 25 years where zdebug had exactly the same effect, but referring to personal experience is pointless. Kernel crash is just bad luck plus kernel code bugs, and actually, with a smaller debug buffer (zdebug) the chances of a crash are somewhat higher than with a bigger buffer.

I kindly ask you to re-read carefully the thread and my blog post, and if you have any questions about the matter, I will be happy to answer them.

However, if you still do not see why your statements were incorrect, I am afraid I have to give up and close this discussion.

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