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SMS R80.10-to-R80.40 migration

Good day, dear Checkmates

Finally, we are on our way of The Management Server R80.10-to-R80.40 migration.

Our Management Server is - Smart1- 525 appliance, no multi-domain, R80.10 JHF T279, Endpoint Policy Management is disabled.

For migrate export we used the last version of tools for R80.40 from the site – the process has finished successfully (with –exclude-uepm-postgres-db).

But before implementing import in production I wanted to check migrate import in the lab.

The lab OpenServer SMS is – R80.40 + JHF T173, 16 Gb RAM, 150 Gb HDD

But unfortunately bumped into problem of migrate import process - the tool stuck on "Importing files….":



The log /opt/CPshrd-R80.40/log/migrate-2022.09.27_*****.log stopped here and no any changes for almost 48 hours:



So, please, can you suggest something? What can be the problem?

Thank you in advance.

Who rated this post