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Enyi_Ajoku inside VSX 8 hours ago
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VSX and VXLAN LAN Extension

Hello Everyone,I would greatly appreciate your response and time in trying to provide information with regards to my post.Is anyone familiar with this architectural deployment:Site A and Site B: Different Geographic LocationsSwitches: NexusArchite...
Dave_Hoggan inside VSX Wednesday
views 66 10

Interface Affinity with VSX

Hi,I've been trying to understand this for a while now, but realised that the more I think I know the answer, the less confident I am! Simply, under VSX, how is interface affinity achieved? For example, on a 23500 how can I assign 4 SNDs to a...
David_Chau inside VSX Tuesday
views 104 1

VSX snapshot overhead on production

I am scheduled to apply a JHF to my gateways during a maintenance window tonight.  To minimize the window, I would like to run a snapshot before the window starts.  Does anyone know the resource utilization for a snapshot?  Will thi...
Louis_Poulin inside VSX 2 weeks ago
views 46 2

VPN tunnel without public IP on the External interface

Please consider the following diagram: The Check Point firewall is a VS on a VSX Cluster running R80.20.The External interface is assigned a private IP address. But public IP addresses are routed to this Check Point firewall.I need...
Source_Nat inside VSX 2 weeks ago
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reverting from VSX mode

Hi,We are using R80.20 on a15600.I am trying to factory reset a Gateway so that I can start from the beginning of configuring VSX.On the GUI on one gateway I get the message:"Web UI is not supported in VSX mode. Please use Clish for OS configurati...
Louis_Poulin inside VSX 2 weeks ago
views 50 1

VSX Performance monitoring (indicators)

I'm curious to know what are you looking at to tell if your R80.20 VSX gateway performance are ok or not?What can be monitored to see if performance are fine or not?How can you tell if you are oversized or undersized?How do you know if it is time ...
inside VSX 2 weeks ago
views 544 6 7

Running VSX Like a PRO TechTalk and Q&A

In this session, @Jim_MacLeod from Indeni provides some practical advice you can use to ensure your Check Point VSX Security Gateways are running in tip-top shape! Materials: Download Presentation (available to CheckMates members) Watch...
DPB_Point inside VSX 2 weeks ago
views 61 2 1

Active/Active VSX Cluster for multibridge

Hello team! I have a VSX Cluster and, by design, we need to configure multibridge. According Checkpoint VSX Guide:Multi BridgesThis feature is supported only in R77.30 and higher, for VSX Gateways, and VSX clusters in Active/Active Bridge mod...
Louis_Poulin inside VSX 3 weeks ago
views 43 1

Connecting a Check Point VSX cluster to a stack of switches : port channel or not?

I have a VSX cluster (VSLS) of two Check point appliances. I want to connect one network cable from each cluster member to a stack of two network switches as follow: The stack of two switches is acting as one switch.From what I understand, I ...
DPB_Point inside VSX 3 weeks ago
views 294 11

Virtual System bridge interfaces

Hello team, I have been configuring some gateways in bridge mode with "inter-vlan multibridging" i mean:3 bridge interfaces with the following squeme: bridge 1 = bond2.10 and bond3.100bridge 2 = bond2.20 and bond3.200bridge 3 = bond2.30 and b...
Danish_Javed1 inside VSX 3 weeks ago
views 164 3

Cannot Fetch License Information due to Network Error

Hi,I have 2 Gateways in a VSX Cluster , recently i am facing the following error message on the standby member  after enabling Antibot and Antiviris Blades - "Cannot Fetch License Information due to Network Error..."  & "Error -updat...
Vladimir inside VSX 3 weeks ago
views 209 11

ARP table size increase is not surviving the reboot

Has anyone run in to it after the upgrade to R80.20?
Raphael_Cote inside VSX 2019-03-22
views 1222 30 8

VSX cluster problem - are we alone?

Hey Check Point community, I need to know if we are alone in the world having so much difficulty implementing Check Point in a VSX cluster mode.Here's our setup, two 15 600 in a VSX load Sharing mode. 6 vs and about 5000 users. We are using the FW...
Wolfgang inside VSX 2019-03-21
views 86 1

virtual router on VSX

Hello ,I need some information for future VSX releases .Support of virtual-router with VSLS ?Support of PBR (PolicyBasedRouting) with normal VS not only with virtual-router ?Possibility to have an IP-Address as gateway in PBR-routes ? In the actua...
inside VSX 2019-03-21
views 137 1 1

Re: Running VSX Like a PRO TechTalk and Q&A

I second this request, it makes a lot of sense to add VSX section to the community pages