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What happened to CCVSA labs?

Hi Team,

Was just wondering what happened to the self-based CCVSA course in the learning portal and its AWS/GCP/Azure lab content?   I completed it it last year, and as recently as a couple of weeks ago re-did it.  I had a few colleagues who were half way through it before it vanished.

In the learning portal it was briefly part of the 'GloudGuard Pre Sales Specialist - Technical' but in the last week or two all the content for this e-learning path has changed Video only content.

From what I can tell, the course description for the instructor led 'Check Point Certified Cloud Specialist (CCCS)' seems to describe the same content as what the self-based CCVSA was.  Is this this the case?   If so I might as well just sit the exam.


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I had the same issue - as the old CCVSA cert ran out, i started it anew and stopped just before the first LAB to do it when more spare time was available. Two days ago, i found it zeroed out (already passed chapters gone, 0 %) and changed to a video-only presentation.

I had thought that such will happen as specialisations like CCCS came up recently that are covering the same fields but have harder exams 😎.

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