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What benefits do CCSM's get?

Hi, I was just wondering is there any kind of offers on continual training or software for CCSM's?

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Simon, I have moved your post to a more appropriate location.

Now, could you please clarify your question? Are you asking about what incentives you get for being a CCSM or the question is about something else?

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See below for the How You Will  Benefint list in the Training and Certs page.

Apart from being recognised by your colleagues and the industry (ask the boss if they'll increase your salary too 🙂 ) as a serious and knowledgeable Check Point and Security professional the CCSM is the same as the CCSA and CCSE in that you have the certification for a limited time (although I always consider it a lifetime of being certified in that version).

The CCSE obviously is a requirement for some partners (who need numerous CCSE certified staff) but to my knowledge the CCSM does not benefit the individual or the partner. Meaning that I think that the certified individual does not get free training or special product discount. If I find out any different I'll update here. 

That said. Please contact your local CP office and ask them what their free to the public training program looks like (if any) and their free partner training program looks like (if they offer any) or if they can assist you in any way with your requirements.

In the UK the CP SE (Security Engineer/Sales Engineer) team is bigger than most other EU countries and they offer both of the above on a regular basis (Note: Those are not in competition with the ATC training courses/certification courses and will not help with certification exam preparation in the way that the ATC courses do).

For offers/discounts for Training and Certification exams it's best to subscribe to and/or keep an eye on Check Mates, PearsonVUE and the CP Training and Certs page. They do discounts on the exams from time to time and do promote them.

Please also stay in touch with your local ATC (of follow them on social media) or contact them directly to understand what promotions they are offering and how they can help you.

Training & Certification | Check Point Software 

How You Will Benefit

  • Bypass wait times and fast track to a support engineer
  • Compare your policy to rules that degrade performance
  • Tune your systems to improve acceleration of traffic
  • Improve load capacity through optimization
  • Improve logging efficiency
  • Examine how rules and objects affect optimization
  • Optimize network performance

Some of my post here is stating the obvious but that is because this is a public forum. 

Hope that helps.


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