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R77 CCSE renewal using 156-915.77

Hi I would like to renew my expired R77 CCSE. I know I can do the update for R80, but can I also acheive renewal using the update for R77 156-915.77 given R77 update is still valid and it is not the same exam i initially passed my CCSE?

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Re: R77 CCSE renewal using 156-915.77


Answering this question required looking at your specific account.

In your case, the CCSE you achieved in 2015 was based on R77.15.  The CCSE Update exam for R77 is based on R77.30 so you are eligible for this update if you choose not to go to R80 at this time.



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Re: R77 CCSE renewal using 156-915.77

Thanks Tug!