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No certificate displayed in User Center's profile

Hi Checkpoint team , I passed CCSA exam my id  CP0000103732 am create with the same id but there is still no certificate displayed in User Center's profile (Assets/Info, My Certifications). Kindly check and do the Needful.

MY Pearson VUE checkpoint which mail id/user id is

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When did you pass the exam? It usually takes up to 4 weeks for a certificate to appear on you UserCenter Profile. Also, did you create your profile before registering to the exam?


I passed CCSA exam on 21th December 2018, however still can't see my Certificate in my Checkpoint Account :   "According to our records, no certification information was found ....".

I have the same email on both Pearson VUE and  checkpoint account.

Please, let me know what should I do?. 


Candidate ID:-CP0000100019

Registration ID :- 344573173


Best regards.

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Please open a service request with out account management service. Thanks


Hi Valeri,

is there an option of some error or ?

Today I passed CCSA but I noticed my emails are different. Pearson Vue and Chekpoint.

Afterwards I changed my Pearson vue one to be same as User Center here.

Am i going to receive certificate ? Any idea?

Thanks in advance!

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There is a procedure to fix it. Open a call with our Account Services and explain the situation. They will assist.