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IPS/AV/ABOT Immersion Course Updated to R81.20

I'm pleased to announce that my "IPS/AV/ABOT Immersion" self-guided video series course has been fully updated from R80.40 to R81.20, and includes 39 pages of new content in addition to all-new video recordings. The course is now available for purchase via; if you acquired the earlier R80.40 version of this course in the past be sure to check your email inbox for a personalized coupon code that will grant a special discount!

For those new to this self-guided video series course, discount code CHECKMATES will grant a 15% discount and remain valid through May 31st.  Only one discount code can be applied at a time, they do not stack.  Enjoy!

Updated 2023 IPS/AV/ABOT R81.20 Course now
available at
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