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Extending already expired CCSE

Hello, I have a question regarding my CCSE cortication. I have CCSE R71 which is now expired. The license number is
CP0000063678. Can someone confirm if I am still able to extend/re-activate my CCSE for 1 year by taking the following 2 course before June 30th? 

156-728 – Gaia Overview
156-729 – Advanced IPS

Thanks so much.

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Re: Extending already expired CCSE

Yes Jason this would work for the 1 year extension.

However, you are eligible for a 2-year certification by passing the R77 CCSE Update exam (156-915.77).

Keeping in mind the exam promotion, this could be the better option.



Re: Extending already expired CCSE

Hello I made yesterday two exams the 156-727 and the 156-728, but didn't manage to pass the 728.

this extend is it before june 30th or is june 30 also valid?

If so, what is the retake policy, when june 30 is valid can I retake the 156-728 today ?(it is to schedule with pearson)

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