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Don't let Social Distancing keep you from getting certified - Online Proctored exams - 35% Discount


In this time of Covid-19, don’t let Social Distancing keep you from getting Check Point Certified.  All of our Proctored exams are available via Pearson VUE OnVUE online proctoring, which allows you to take an exam from almost any location and at any time. Exams are delivered by a live proctor to your webcam enabled workstation.


All Online Proctored Exams are now available at a 35% discount using the promo code: Remote2020

Exams must be taken by April 30, 2020 June 15,2020.

To see how to register, watch the video at: Check Point's Online Proctored Exams 




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I couldn't get use of the code due to Pearson VUE sabotaging my exam. They refused me access to the CCSE R80 exam platform due to a "payment processing error". 2 hours to get to chat support which tells me your payment hasn't gone through so go to phone support as we can't deal with payments. Phone support tells me - send an e-mail with the full details and they'll take it from there. In the meantime I see my debit card charged so surprise - no actual payment processing error and waited for a refund for SIX WEEKS from these knuckleheads exchanging over 20 e-mails. I asked them multiple times to provide a replacement 35% discount code as they screwed my up and all they repeat is "try to rebook", "use the old code", "go ask Checkpoint" which is utterly ridiculous. I've kept the full correspondence with them and I'll gladly forward it over to you to see what kind of company is administering your exams. I ask you for 2 things:

1) For all exam takers' sake - try to give us an alternative provider (Prometric?) for the exams. Pearson VUE's support is utterly ridiculous and unreachable not to mention you CANNOT CONTACT THEM if you have technical issues in the minutes prior the exam - there is just no way to contact the proctor! They have horrible reviews all over the Internet and their platform for online proctored exams is written by script kiddies. Just try to take an exam if you don't believe me - you can login no earlier than 15 mins prior the exam during which you need to download a huge piece of software, upload 6 full-resolution photos from your phone, then do it a second time because it never works from the first time, then pray this happens within 15 minutes from the exam start hour or you are refused access to the platform. And if this is not enough then you get your exam interrupted by their stupid software because SKYPE WAS RUNNING?!? How did this happen when there is a pre-check for running software and everything was validated to be in order by their software and so called proctor? Their software goes fullscreen, you can't Alt+Tab or anything else. Or god forbid your Internet connection is not 100Mbps international peering - their software claims to be disconnected and forces you to restart the validation process (of course after you have uploaded the 6 images).

2) Provide me with a personalized 35% discount code that I can use to retake the exam. Not that this will compensate me for the time I need to spend studying all over again CCSE but it will be a minor relief from all the frustration dealing with this exam provider you chose.

Employee Employee

Please send me all info and I will look into it.




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hello the new discount is not available for this moment ?
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Epsum factorial non deposit quid pro quo hic escorol.

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