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Check Point Certification Cheat Sheet

Hi there,

You can use the following list to prepare yourself for Check Point Certification:


Free online Official Check Point Resources


CCSA Study Guide


CCSE Study Guide

At the current date, Check Point hasn't released an official Study Guide. But you can use the course overview to get an idea.


You can also use CCSE R77 Study Guide, since some features are still being used on R80 version.


CCSA/CCSE Practice

Check Point allows you to test yourself before taking the real exam by buying Practice Exams for CCSA/CCSE on Pearsonvue.


CCSM Study Guide


Hope you enjoyed this post, leave your comments below and I'll see you on the next post.



Silésio C.

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Where can I find Study guide for R81? I need to renew my CCSE by the end of this year and couldn't find a study guide for CCSE R81.

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Courseware is available via a reseller / atc partner, refer also: 

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