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CCTA courseware


I am trying to find any material on Check Point Troubleshooting Administrator Exam. Understanding that i will not find any publicly available information, i went on to buy official courseware. However even it is not easily reachable:  CP Product catalog produces me empty quote with SKU and price, but no other information i could use to actually buy the product. Some older Checkmates posts seemed to indicate that it is available Kortext, however searches there also did not lead to any results.

> Has somebody actually procured courseware for CCTA? Can somebody explain the procedure? Contact Training Center ? Contact reseller? Contact local CP office?  Maybe somebody has contact who can help sort this out (EMEA).

To be fair, it is quite frustrating to spend a lot of time just to find basic reference material, which should be off-the-shelf ebook offering you could buy in 5min. (Yes, I know about courses, but it is not an option for me or my peers)









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